Sarkodie house and Cars

Sarkodie house and Cars

The Ghanaian music scene would be incomplete without Sarkodie. The Ghanaian artist, whose real name is Michael Owusu Addo, is living big after making it in the local as well as international hip hop music scene. Here are details on Sarkodie's lavish life that makes him the envy of many.


Sarkodie proves that talent can take you places

Being the brains behind a number of hits on international charts like “No Kissing baby,” “far away” and “Adonai.” , Sarkodie has managed to claim his place among legends. At the age of just 28, he has a number of successful albums. His fourth album “Mary” sold nearly four thousand copies on the first day. Sarkodie has won some local and international awards like the 2012 BET Award as the best international act: African category. His bragging rights are given were given a boost after being ranked the first position on the top ten Ghanaian rappers by Lynx TV and by MTV Base as the hottest MC in Africa. The icing on Sarkodie's cake must be his recent performance at the Apollo Theatre in New York, USA. For those curious about just how much the star is worth, here are the details.

Sarkodie's net worth as of 2017

The Adonai hit maker is actually the 9th wealthiest musician in the entire continent. His net worth is estimated to be $7.5 million US dollars. Most of his income is licked to his music career. He gets his income from performances at events both local and international tours. In Ghana, he is placed second after Okyeame Kwame in terms of net worth.

Apart from music, which is the primary source of his income, Sarkodie also owns a clothing brand. It is known as “Sark by Yas” that deals in women, men and children clothes. His riches further gain a boost from the many companies that use his figure, name, and publicity. He is an ambassador for a number of companies including Samsung mobile. In partnership with the Samsung mobile, he launched a headphone series called the Obidi Chief headphones. A number of other brans such as is Tigo Telecommunication and Fanmilk Ghana also use him to endorse their products.

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Hardwork certainly pays; check out Sarkodie's house and cars that are part of his lavish lifestyle

Sarkodie's House in Ghana

Sarkodie seems to be intelligent and a mindful celebrity who instead of investing on less important things; he decided to use his cash wisely. He has a mansion at Ashalley Botwe. On one of his social media posts, he is pictured celebrating in what is said to be Sarkodie's mansion in Ghana

Sarkodie house

Sarkodie outside his house in Ghana

Sarkodie's house in UK

Apart from the kind of palace Sarkodie owns back home, he has one more house abroad. Sarkodie house in the UK is more mouth-watering than the house in Ghana. The house is said to be worth $250,000. These properties of Sarkodie are rarely pictured, which is why his wealth might be a surprise to many. This proves the truth that long are the days when music was seen as a waste of time and did not pay well. Life seems to be too Good for this Ghanaian boy child.

Sarkodie buys Range Rover

In spite of a range rover costing a fortune, Sarkodie pockets are way too full. He recently did away with his old Toyota Matrix and got himself a big boys machine. The star is one among the few who are driving a range rover in town. Sarkodie's Range Rover is rarely seen out and about, but it definetly catches attention wherever he goes.

News of Sarkodie new bugatti will inspire you to work for your own

On the other hand, a Bugatti is not your everyday car. It is a fact to say Bugattis are driven by the top 1% of society whose wealth is in multiple figures. Pictures of Sarkodie's cars have definitely put him within that 1%. Out of his money making deals he is clearly capable of buying and maintaining it. He is living large, it is only fitting that he drives a car worthy of his class.

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