5 smart ways to avoid gaining weight during the holidays

5 smart ways to avoid gaining weight during the holidays

The festive period is once again here with us. And for many people, the holidays will be used for ‘chilling’ and all kinds of enjoyments.

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Making merry during the holidays is not bad; after all Christmas is a period meant for celebrations and excitements.

5 smart ways to avoid gaining weight during the holidays

Practice mindful eating

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However, what many people normally fail to do is to be mindful of what they do in the course of the celebrations.

It must surprise you to know that many people actually turn up in the New Year looking overweight.

This is because they fail to observe good eating habits, as well as adopt practices that manage weight gain.

Well, if you are worried about how to manage your weight during this festive period, then worry no more!

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Here are 5 smart ways to avoid gaining weight during the holidays:

1. Get enough sleep

Yes, it’s a holiday but that does not mean spend all your time clubbing or partying. The festivities actually present an opportunity to take enough rest to recover from the hours spent working throughout the year.

Sleep helps release stress and the more sleep you get (not oversleeping, though), the lesser there is the chance that you gain more weight.

Studies have shown that those who do not sleep enough tend to be hungrier and eat so much calories, which lead to weight gain.

2. Avoid too much junk food

Many people tend to eat a lot of junk foods during holidays. It’s okay to take these kind of foods once in a while, however, its oily nature makes too much it a problem.

Rather, adopt good eating practices like eating meals with lots of fibre and protein. Protein in particular aids in weight control and it will be best if junk foods are avoided.

3. Exercise to keep fit

Inasmuch as it’s a holiday season, endeavor to exercise when you have the opportunity. Practice exercises for at least 30 minutes each day.

5 smart ways to avoid gaining weight during the holidays

Exercising in the morning can help ensure better behavior all day

This helps to keep the blood flowing properly, and that in turn speeds up digestion of food. Moreover, weight gain is curtailed since exercise helps to burn fats.

4. Avoid taste-testing

In most cases, people tend to take in a lot of foods that lead to weight gain without even knowing. This is because they engage in taste-testing.

Taste-testing is simply the act of taking small bites of different dishes without necessarily settling on eating any, all in the name of tasting. What this does is to add up to the calories in the body.

Avoid taste-testing because it is one act which leads to weight gain.

5. Weight yourself often

One sure way to know if you are gaining too much weight or not is to check it on a scale. This helps to know the exact step to take if the former is the case.

Weigh yourself at least once a week to know your weight, and make sure you adopt measures if you realise you are putting up weight.

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