Meet Ghana’s first-ever female Uber driver

Meet Ghana’s first-ever female Uber driver

- Ghana’s first female Uber driver makes it seven cars and counting

- With a fleet of seven cars, she is not taking the whole Uber thing lightly at all

Not many hear of Uber and begin to think about female drivers. However, it appears that the gap between what used to be known as “job for men” is gradually being breached.

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If you are one of those who used to think that commercial driving is a man’s thing then you must perhaps start having a rethink.

And you have never ever met a female Uber driver, then brace yourself because five women are now officially registered as Uber drivers in Ghana.

Of the aforementioned number, Bernie-Asher Makafui Grey was the very first to boldly take up the job and has since risen from strength to strength.

Meet Ghana’s first-ever female Uber driver

Meet Bernie-Asher Makafui Grey, Ghana’s first female Uber driver

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For a woman who used to work at Stanbic Bank as a sales person, she explains that she has always loved to become a driver and loves her current job.

Having joined Uber in March 2017, Bernie opines that it has been a very lucrative venture that she has never regretted choosing.

In an interview with B&FT, she revealed that she makes up to GHc 600 per week, with her daily sales sometimes rising as high as GHc 150.

She, however, points to the fact that there are certain customers who still doubt her capabilities as a driver due to her sex.

According to her, such stereotypes usually are a challenge, adding that she nevertheless enjoys the company of most customers she picks.

“I love customers and I love to drive as well. It just came naturally to venture into becoming an Uber driver,” Bernie said.

“I engage most of them in conversations when they reach out. I can always tell how intrigued they are that I am a woman and always want to find out how and why I started the job.”

Meet Ghana’s first-ever female Uber driver

Meet Ghana’s first-ever female Uber driver

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Bernie started the Uber business with just a single car, however, she now owns six more which are managed by her company – Beam Logistics.

Speaking on what exactly her company does, she said: “I realised that there are some drivers who actually want to drive Uber but because they are not well-trained and are timid, they tend to find it difficult in pursuing it. So, I train them on the psychometric test they write. I tell them what it is and teach them about customer service as well, register them and take them through the process.”

Well, if you thought Uber driving was something meant for only men, then Bernie’s success story is here to change that notion.

And for the ladies reading, perhaps you could become that sixth female Uber driver in Ghana.

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