7 interesting and intriguing reasons why people attend 31st night service

7 interesting and intriguing reasons why people attend 31st night service

When the last day of 2017 comes, the routine ritual will be to see almost everyone anticipating one watch night service or the other.

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The 31st night of very December has come to be known as a night when even the "devil” finds himself inside the corridors of a church.

7 interesting and intriguing reasons why people attend 31st night service

7 interesting and intriguing reasons why people attend 31st night service

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It is true that churches that may normally be half-empty become full on such days, but it is also a fact that not everyone appears before God during a watch night service with same intent and purpose.

While the basic assumption might be to go and thank God for His protection over the last 12 months, there are some people who actually grace churches on 31st night with purposes that differ from the aforementioned.

Here are 7 interesting and intriguing reasons why people attend 31st night service:

1. People will go to church to take a walk

Believe it or not, there are actually certain people who simply attend the 31st watch nigh service just to walk about.

You will usually find such people loitering around from one place to the other, while the sermon is ongoing because their main purpose for attending the service is just have a walk to ease boredom at home.

2. Some will go there to meet a friend

Another intriguing reason why people would usually go for a 31st watch night service is to meet friends of old. There are some people who rarely visit the church for the whole year, however, they will never miss the chance to a watch night service.

This is because it presents them the opportunity to meet up with friends that they haven’t seen for so long.

3. Some will go there to spend their time

Well, if you care to know, there are also a group of people who attend the 31st watch night service as a means to while away time.

They are probably home and everybody is leaving for this all-night service so they also opt to join in simply to see their time spent in doing something.

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4. Some will go to church to meet a lover

There are also those who will choose to go to church on 31st night because they will have the chance to meet their lovers.

Many in this case may not even be members of the church they choose to attend for the watch night service.

5. Some will go there for observation

Has there ever been a church service without people sitting idly while activities take place? Well, it is the same with the 31st watch night services.

Some people will attend all right but all they will be doing is to just observe as proceedings take place without involving themselves in any.

6. Some will go there to doze and nod

One other interesting thing that people do when they attend 31st night services is to just nod and doze off whiles church activities take place.

Such people normally like to sit at places where they will not be disturbed by the ushers so that they can sleep on the blind side.

7. Some will go to church to laugh and talk

While some go to 31st night services to thank God for His protection, there are also others who just go there to talk and laugh till the service is over.

Such people pay less attention to the preaching and usually sit in groups in order to engage in conversations.

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