5 kinds of friends every Ghanaian guy must have in 2018

5 kinds of friends every Ghanaian guy must have in 2018

In the year 2018, many of us men will be starting our lives with new year goals and resolutions. These plans are set out to help us achieve personal development and happiness.

But we can't achieve these things alone. That's where the right friends and association comes in. In this article, we shall be exploring the kind of friends we should associate with in the year 2018.

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5 kinds of friends every Ghanaian guy must have in 2018

5 kinds of friends every Ghanaian guy must have in 2018

1. The friend with great connections

Achieving your dreams in 2018 will mean having the kind of friend who can link you up to the right connections. Friends with the right connections have the capacity to catapult you to a point of influence in your life without even a penny. Focusing your energies on such persons as friends is a magical way of making your dreams come true.

2. The "girl" friend

Every man needs a woman in his life at one point or the other. Please note that having a lady as a friend is not necessarily having a marriage material in that regard. You need to have that lady friend who helps out with the best advice on how to treat and approach women. And this is specifically the case with us men who have issues with women.

3. The positive critic

Having a friend who keeps you on your feet is the best gift any man in Ghana can have. A positive critic helps you know when you are drifting apart or doing the wrong things. A positive critic will always keep you on your feet.

4. The Encourager

All through our lives, we need someone who encourages us when things go wrong. As men, a good encourager is all we need to step up when we get emotionally distressed in cases where we fall down in our effort to step up and remain relevant in society.

5. "Till death do us part" friends

The best friend needed in our lives is the kind of person who sticks with us in times of pain. Friends who stick with you in terrible times are the best kinds of friends who help us know that loyalty is the best fortitude in any man's life.

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