Dr Gifty Anti Biography

Dr Gifty Anti Biography

Dr Gifty Anti Biography is quite an interesting one especially if you have always wanted to find out more details about this inspirational presenter. Read about her life, career, marriage, husband, and child.

Dr Gifty Anti Biography

Dr Gifty Anti Biography

Gifty Anti Biography – a past not many knew about

Gifty Anti is one of Ghana’s established and seasoned journalist whose passion in matters pertaining women. While most people imagine that the beautiful broadcaster is pampered and hardly does anything by hand, her early life was nothing but easy. She had to hawk all sorts of things for them to survive. She even worked as a carpenter at some point in life just to make ends meet since the father was not rich.

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Dr Gifty Anti Biography

What people see today is a result of sheer hard work. She attended primary school and after her secondary education enrolled to journalism school. Her first job after graduating was as a floor manager and not the journalist she is today. She worked hard to raise and become the force to reckon with. It is no wonder she is a role model to many young girls.

Gifty Anti Age- aging gracefully

The standpoint host was born in 1970 which makes her 47 years old. It is, however, not easy to tell because her face does not reveal it. The lady was born and bred in Tema even though she is a native of Cape Town. Everything about Gifty just shows youth. As such, it is not surprising that at the age of 47 she gave birth to her only child with her husband.

Check out photos of Gifty Anti and daughter as she celebrates the birth of her child. Gifty Anti baby was the first for her but fourth for her royal husband who had three kids residing in the USA. Even though there were mixed reactions when she was spotted heavily pregnant, Anti held her peace. The strong woman of faith waited to prove to the world that indeed the God she worships is strong.

Gifty Anti Wedding – talk of town

Dr Gifty Anti Biography

The two media personalities were married in a colorful and one of the most talked about weddings. The wedding was very popular because of the famous Anti and her strong stands about marriage. She later revealed that she is enjoying marriage and never thought that it would ever be that sweet.

Gifty Anti Child- royal child

Dr Gifty Anti Biography

The child came at such an advanced age in her life but this did not stop her from enjoying the moment There are videos showing how much delighted she was as she danced at the baby’s royal naming ceremony. The princess was a real source of joy to the mother to say the least. Gifty Anti baby shower was something to write home about. The anticipation for the baby was real as the royal baby was a miracle in itself. She was going to be born to a 47 year old mother. It was as if nature was defying all odds. For Anti, this was proof enough that a God that she serves is indeed true.

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Gifty Anti Husband – royal presenter

Anti got married in 2015 to her royal husband Nana Ansah Kwaw IV. This saw Gifty being crowned the Obaa and Hemasaa of Adumasa. The husband is also a renowned media personality as he hosts That’s my opinion and Joy news pm express. Gifty Anti husband age is not far from hers as he is 46years. The slight age difference does not seem to bother them as he says that for her marrying Anti was a dream come true and nothing would persuade him otherwise.

While most people were waiting for a Gifty Anti son surprise, the royal daughter is also very welcomed in the family. This is seen by how she was celebrated and even got Tullow oil shares from her godfather. In case you want to write to Gifty, then having Gifty Anti contact is necessary. Write to her through the show and she will receive your comments.

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