Ghanaians ‘attack’ Prophet Owusu Bempah over his ‘bad-luck’ prophecies for 2018

Ghanaians ‘attack’ Prophet Owusu Bempah over his ‘bad-luck’ prophecies for 2018

- The founder of Glorious Word Ministry International, Prophet Owusu Bempah has dropped some prophecies for the year

- Among others, the prophet has predicted that children of his ‘haters’ would die

-However, some Ghanaians have registered their displeasure with the man of God for what they call ‘fake’ prophecies

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Ghanaians ‘attack’ Prophet Owusu Bempa over his ‘bad-luck’ predictions for 2018
Ghanaians ‘attack’ Prophet Owusu Bempa over his ‘bad-luck’ predictions for 2018

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The founder and leader of Glorious Ministry International, Prophet Owusu Bempah, has dropped some ‘serious’ prophecies for 2018 which indicate that all is not going to go well in this year.

According to the ‘Prophet of the Nation’, many people are going to die, especially the children of his ‘enemies’ who were behind an NPP poster portraying that he would be contesting for the general secretary position of the New Patriotic Party.

At the 31 December Cross Over service at his church, the Glorious Word Ministry International, Rev. Isaac Owusu Bempah indicated that the posters been circulated on social media are false and should be ignored.

He also also said he would expose the ‘evils’ in the church of Prophet Badu Kobe and warned that he would soon collapse Prophet Kobe’s church in this year, according to a Ghanaweb report.

Ghanaians ‘attack’ Prophet Owusu Bempa over his ‘bad-luck’ predictions for 2018
Ghanaians ‘attack’ Prophet Owusu Bempa over his ‘bad-luck’ predictions for 2018

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However, Owusu Bempa’s prophecies have not gone down well with some Ghanaians who took a comment session to attack the popular prophet for his prophecies.

Some of them condemned the media for propagating the ‘false prophecies’ of Owusu Bempah.

Others questioned his credibility as a prophet of God, and plainly called him a false prophet who needs to be ignored.

Still other commentators who appear to be sympathizers of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) alleged that Owusu Bempah’s prophecies are directed at the NDC.

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See some of the comments here:

“Joe on Jan 1,

Don't give him a platform.

Why give this man a platform again. it's a new year and wish we become more discerning with regards to 'men of God'”

“Acasia on Jan 1,

Ghana and their useless men of god

Its 2018 and GhanaianS as useless as they are will still worship their so called men of god who are in truth fraudsters and liars. Ghanaians will continue to be mentally enslaved by these foolish men of god even in 2095.”

“TA on Jan 1,

Re: LIVESTREAMING: Owusu Bempah prophesies for 2018

This crook is the pastor of Akuffo Addo.”

“AGE on Jan 1, 10:12

Pray for forgiveness

Hmmmmmmmm u lack wisdom.”

“Master on Jan 1, 02:09

What happened to 2017 prophesies?

Was it not this same pastor who made predictions for 2017 and none came to pass?”

“kululu on Jan 1, 09:18

And what about the Islamic cleric?

In 2017, he said there will be a coup in Sudan, but Al Bashir is still on top. He is still claiming that Ghana's economy will not see any good till we offer sacrifices to his gods he alone knows. does the gods know economics and how to make budgets? or, where in the world have gods helped countries improve their economies? These men of gods are really taking God out of the lives of people.”

“DK on Jan 1, 03:07

Re: LIVESTREAMING: Owusu Bempah prophesies for 201

Unbelievable, I could count as many as 20 prophecies by this man last year. The issue is how many of the lots came to pass?. Are you telling me God lied? Please Africans be wise and open your eyes. He said there were going to be terrorist attacks never saw this , Christians and Muslims were going to fight never saw this, my God”

“AGE on Jan 1, 10:11

Cos of lack of knowledge my people perish

Do u really know abt prophesy?”

“Yao Nimo on Jan 1, 05:09

waaa look

Whilst nations are celebrating the end of year with amazing fireworks to the admiration of their people over a picnic look at the third nation peoples sitting down quietly and allowing these fake guys putting fear in them. That midnight pf 31st in Ghana was day time first Jan in half of the world and people are out having fun with family and friends”

“Kk on Jan 1, 06:13

Re: LIVESTREAMING: Owusu Bempah prophesies for 201

Ghanaians be vigilant in 2018 please. Don’t be deceived by these crooked armed robbers who call themselves pastors and prophets. God will judge everyone according to their work”

“kilo labone. on Jan 1, 06:22

Re: LIVESTREAMING: Owusu Bempah prophesies for 201

God,forgive Ghanaians who are deaf and damp still following this criminal man of God,bible say lack of knowledge my people perish.”

“Tawiah on Jan 1, 07:04

Re: LIVESTREAMING: Owusu Bempah prophesies for 201

When MPP is in power, no prophesies but when NDC is in power, diabolic prophesies are all over. NPP be careful when applause is loudest. BEWARE.”

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