Osei Kwame Despite's children

Osei Kwame Despite's children

Even though Osei Kwame Despite is a public figure and is always seen on media platforms, he has always kept his family life a secret. Unfolding each and every detail regarding his family therefore requires a lot of research. Here is all you need to know about Osei Kwame Despite's family.

Osei Kwame Despite

Osei Kwame Despite is one of the most influential and wealthy business people in Africa. Despite was born in 1962 ad through his resilience, humility and hard work; he created the Despite Company Limited whereby he is the Chief Operating Officer. This explains why he is referred to as Despite. This company deals with the production of media services. Some of the media stations that he owns include the UTV channel, Peace FM, Okay FM, Hello FM and Neat FM. Save for the media; he also has other businesses which include the Atona Food Production Limited and the Neat Foods Company Limited. Despite is also a member of a Board of Directors for a financial institution in Ghana.

Quick facts about Osei Kwame Despite's children

Thanks to years of staying away from the media limelight, Osei Kwame's children have led quite a private life. As of now, scarce details are known of his two grown up children.They are called Kennedy Osei and Henrietta Adwoa Osei.

Kennedy Osei is the eldest son of Osei Kwame Despite. Kennedy Osei works in Despite Company Limited as the General Manager. He is considered to be among the richest millennials in Ghana. At the University of Ghana, he acquired a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He later on went to Birmingham University to achieve a Masters in Economics.

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Osei Kwame Despite daughter is known as Henrietta Adwoa Osei. She is not known to the public and only came to the limelight during her wedding. Osei Kwame Despite daughter got married on August 17 2017 to Kwaku Shrink who also comes from an affluent family. The only known information about her academic achievement is that she recently finished a master’s program at Warwick University.

Henrietta Adwoa Osei

Henrietta Adwoa Osei's lavish wedding

One thing that Osei Kwame Despite has proved is setting strong standards of education and religion to his children. In an interview at Peace FM, Osei Kwame Despite acknowledged God as the source of support in the business as well as other areas of his life. Additionally, he has ensured that his children are well educated to an extent of trusting them to manage his business. Such efforts are unique and they set an example of what every parent should do to their children to provide for them a bright future.

Osei Kwame Despite and Wife

Osei Kwame Despite wife is barely known to the public. This is no surprise as Osei Kwame has always asserted that he prefers his life simple and private. Such humility is quite rare for a man of his wealth. One can only imagine that his wife must be a happy for woman for being married to an influential businessman, a dedicated father and a spiritual person.

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