Brave man guns down armed thief who invade his home

Brave man guns down armed thief who invade his home

- A man has valiantly gunned down one of three armed robbers in his home in Kumasi

- The armed robbers scaled the property wall and shot at the family dog after it made a noise

- Two remaining armed robbers ran away after one of them was shot in the chest and killed by one house resident

A man who's an employee of a micro finance firm has gunned down one of three armed robbers after they scaled his property's fence wall and forced open one of his metal security gates.

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Brave man guns down armed thief who invade his home

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Mr. Attakura Many Aaron Joseph, an employee of the Atwima Mponua Rural Bank, exhibited great bravery when three armed robbers armed with shotguns and pinch bars invaded his home in the early hours of Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018.

The three robbers went to Mr. Aaron Joseph's house at number 32, Block C, in New Sensu Toase. After scaling the property walls, they reportedly used a pinch par to pry open the first metal security gate.

After opening the first security gate, they entered the corridor and were about to break into the "guard frame" when the dog started barking. The robbers fired two shots in an attempt to kill the dog, and ended up waking up Mr. Attakura and other members of the house in the process.

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Seeing the three armed assailants on his veranda, Mr. Attakura took aim at one of the men with his own single barreled weapon and fired, hitting him in the chest and killing him instantly.

With one of them gunned down, the remaining two realized that they were not dealing with an unarmed abode and immediately fled the scene, leaving their accomplice's remains at the home.

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Police were immediately notified of the incident, and when they arrived on the scene they inspected the body and confirmed the remains of the one robber with his gun shot wounds to the chest.

Deceased suspect, who appeared to be in his early thirties, was properly 'dressed for the occasion' wearing mostly black clothing, and armed with a machete and shotgun.

The police stated that they are in the process of investigating in order to identify the deceased suspect's family, as well as his accomplices.

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