Ghanaian woman learns of husband's death in Bronx fire days later

Ghanaian woman learns of husband's death in Bronx fire days later

- A Ghanaian women recently learned of her husband's death in the recent Bronx fire two days after it occurred

- She says her husband was planning to relocate his family from Ghana to the USA

- The man's family plans on repatriating his remains back to Ghana

A Ghanaian woman by the name of Joyce Sarkodie has learned of her beloved husband's demise in a Bronx fire last week Thursday, December 26th, 2017, in the USA a couple of days after it occurred.

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Ghanaian woman learns of husband's death in Bronx fire days later

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Days after eagerly waiting for her husband's usual nightly call, Joyce Sarkodie received devastating news that her husband, Gabriel Sarkodie, aged 48, was among the last victims identified in last week Thursday's Bronx fire that took the lives of 12 people.

Speaking to the Daily News from her house in Kumasi, Madam Joyce Sarkodie related just how unexpected the death of her husband was.

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I didn’t imagine I could lose my husband so quick... I don’t know why this happened to him. He was such a great person.” Said a tearful Joyce Sarkodie.

According to Joyce, Gabriel Sarkodie was a diligent family man who worked as an Uber driver in the Bronx, and sent home funds home twice a month in order to take care of his two children. A five year old girl and a seven year old boy.

The deceased man's wife related that he was even preparing to move his family to the United States, something he revealed to his family in April last year. He [Gabrie Sarkodie] was diligent about calling his family everyday, and she added that towards the end he was particularly concerned about his daughter, who was ill.

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Joyce Sarkodie went on to say that the family were hoping to repatriate her husband's remains back to Ghana, although she added that she would receive neither peace nor closure from it.

"I don’t know what to do anymore,” said Joyce Sarkodie. “I don’t know how to go about life." Said Joyce.

Gabriel Sarkodie is one of many African immigrants who perished in last Thursday's Bronx fire. He is also the second report Ghanaian to have died in the inferno. The first Ghanaian reported dead in the blaze was a Ghanaian serving in the US Marine Corp who was visiting home [the Bronx] for the holidays.

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