Emelia Brobbey's ex-husband. Who is he?

Emelia Brobbey's ex-husband. Who is he?

Emelia Brobbey is one of the best actresses in Ghana. However, life has not been very easy for her especially since her marriage with the ex-husband failed. Additionally, having two kids with different fathers has attracted a lot of attention from her fans. Here are details on her failed marriage and ex husband

Emelia Brobbey

Emelia Brobbey

Emelia Brobbey's wedding

Emelia Brobbey married her now ex-husband in 2016. As it is expected with celebrities, the wedding was spectacular and provided assurance about the love that existed between them. Emelia Brobbey's wedding pics were all over the internet and the love birds were the talk all over the media.

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Friends broke up Emelia Brobbey and husband

The unity between Emelia Brobbey and her husband was interrupted by misunderstandings between them. According to Emelia Brobbey, her marriage was working out great until she realized that her husband was not happy with her acting career. Emelia’s friends used to give wrong information to her ex-husband. This created a rift between them to the extent of being accused of cheating on her ex-husband. According to this sensational actress, she had never cheated on her ex-husband but the friends’ gossips created a lot of tension between them to a point of separating from each other.

Emelia Brobbey's husband name

Emelia Brobbey husband name was Dr. Kofi Adu Boateng. He is the Chief Executive Officer of End Point Homeopathy Clinic. His name went viral especially because of his marriage to Emelia Brobbey and the divorce that came after.

Emelia Brobbey's ex-husband

Kofi Adu Boateng, Emelia Brobbey's ex-husband

Sources said that part of the reason why Emelia separated from her ex-husband was because he married another woman without her knowledge. However, Emelia confirmed that she did not know about that ceremony and it was not one of the reasons she separated from her ex-husband. She also refuted the claims that she was married before. It seems that Dr. Boateng was Emelia Brobbey's first husband.

In the recent past, Emelia Brobbey husband has attracted a lot of attention from Emelia’s fans. This was after a photo of him and Ellen White, an actress from Ghana, in bed went viral. Ellen white denied the claims that she was sleeping around with the husband of Emelia Brobbey. She asserted that Emelia Brobbey ex-husband was just helping her financially to grow in her career.

Ellen White in bed with Dr. Boateng

Ellen White in bed with Dr. Boateng

The life of Emelia Brobbey has since become a concern for many people especially her fans. Now that Emelia Brobbey is raising two kids from different men, they need to know if she is interested in dating and getting married. She has proved to be a very strong woman in spite of this ordeal. She warns people to be wary of friends because they are mostly fake.

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