Richest Sakawa Boy in Ghana

Richest Sakawa Boy in Ghana

Everyone wants to become rich and maintain a luxurious life. However, not everyone is willing to acquire wealth through the correct means. One of the dubious means that is currently being used in Ghana to acquire money is the sakawa practice. It has become widespread and the sakawa boys are not afraid to reveal the huge amounts of money they make.

Sakawa boy in Ghana

Sakawa meaning

Sakawa refers to internet scam or fraud. However, for a person to earn money through the fraudulent activities, they have to involve certain religious rituals that are conducted by the Akan people. While this practice has become a favorable and easy way to earn money, it involves a lot of weird acts. Persuading people online and using intelligence to con them is not enough. A sakawa person has to apply some sort of voodoo magic.

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With the ease of accessibility to the internet and positive reception of the sakawa business, Ghana fraudsters have increased. At the prevalence of this business, one questions about the strength of the sakawa rituals. Interestingly, the Ghana internet fraudsters are not afraid to show off the lucrativeness of this business despite the dubious means involved. Additionally, they live luxurious lives; drive big cars and live in big mansions. Often, they will take pictures with very huge bags of money surrounding them. Perhaps showing off to the public is part of the sakawa business. Sakawa Ghana is no longer a private business. They are terrorizing people and on some occasions they have been caught with stolen laptops. The sakawa deals and money transfer are a huge menace to the society. Why has nothing been done to stop these African fraudsters from conning people their hard earned money?

In as much as sakawa boys are rich, they exhibit weird lives. The sakawa rituals are peculiar. Hypnotizing people online requires that they live with snakes that are thought to enhance their ability to get the money. The sakawa boys also need to have certain marks on their heads, have shrines in their homes and place a chicken on top of their heads while naked among other bizarre acts.

Richest sakawa boy in Ghana

The richest scammer in Ghana is thought to be Nana Wan commonly known as Mr. Wealth. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Waife Group of Companies and 2hype Music President. Recently, he gave a confession about how he earned riches by being in the sakawa business. He also revealed about how he killed 115 babies and his two sisters as was required for prosperity in the business. However, Nana Wan has refuted these claims saying that a person faked his identity and gave this confession in a church. It is therefore difficult to declare who the richest scammer in Ghana is at the moment. Even though sakawa boys show off their wealth, not much is known regarding their net worth.

Nana Wan, the richest sakawa boy in Ghana

Nana Wan, the richest sakawa boy in Ghana

The sakawa business originated from Nigeria and spread to Ghana. Currently, Nigeria has the most stubborn and rich internet scammers around the globe. The richest scammer in Nigeria is a group of 5 boys known as the Yahoo boys. They have now become an international threat and are always sending emails and text messages to con people online. The intervention of the authority to stop the Yahoo boys has not helped in curbing their activities.

Yahoo Boys

Yahoo Boys, Richest sakawa boys in Nigeria

The sakawa business ought to be stopped. It is causing a lot of tension in the society especially because people lose their money and others have to be killed for the rituals. However, where voodoo magic is involved, it can be very difficult to intervene.

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