Pastor Chris and Wife Divorce Case

Pastor Chris and Wife Divorce Case

Pastor Chris and wife might have appeared like the perfect couple until the divorce allegations hit the social media in April 2014. A 22-year-old marriage is on the line as famous Nigerian TV evangelist, Chris Oyakhilome’s wife files for divorce in London. The Pastor Chris and wife divorce case presents more twists than most people had expected.

Pastor Chris and Wife Divorce

Rev. Anita, pastor Chris’s wife was said to be finishing up with the divorce proceedings. However, despite these sources that most consider credible, counsel close to Pastor Chris refuted the claims harshly and labeled them as defamatory and malicious with the intent of dragging his church to the gutters. The pastor felt that the media was misrepresenting information concerning the divorce that he was willing to take legal action for it.

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Pastor Chris and wife – the force behind powerful Christ embassy church ministry

The couple was for the longest time known as the motivation for most couples that were looking to get married and live a happy life. The news on Pastor Chris and wife therefore came as a shock to many especially their congregants and viewers worldwide. No one could tell that they had been trouble in paradise looming no matter how obvious the explanations appeared. Either the couple, Pastor Chris and the wife had genuinely tried to make things work and were hiding it from the public or they are just two great actors. There was a time the bond between the two was nothing but admirable. It was not only surprising but also disheartening for most who heard about pastor Chris and wife divorce story especially when it happened on social media.

Pastor Chris and the wife divorce- what really happened?

This has been a question that most of the followers asked themselves at the time. This was sure to bring discord in the church which happened. There are those who were for the pastor and overseer while the others supported the others was for the reverend. The claims of adultery by the wife were a bomb to the marriage that had held on for so long. What most people wonder is if the couple will ever recover from the impact of this divorce. Close acquaintances however wondered why the pastor’s wife filed for divorce in London when the two were married in Nigeria. What they say is that the allegations were not new to them but the divorce is what shook them as it was unexpected. It may have been enough for Anita who probably could not take it anymore. She was done being strong.

Pastor Chris and family

What most people are thinking about is whether the family will survive such a blow considering that Chris was a famous man of God. The impact of the divorce to the family whether known or not is obviously going to be devastating. This could explain why most people wonder if it is true that the two are back together. Is pastor Chris and wife back together or are these mere wishes from those who love them? Whether the family will be able to get out of this is left to the test of time.

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