Ladies, beware of these 7 signs that show he is just playing

Ladies, beware of these 7 signs that show he is just playing

In our previous article, we explored some signs that men must look out for in their women so as to not make the wrong marriage choice.

This time around, we are centering on our Ghanaian women as we explore the very symptoms of men which show he has the gene of infidelity. This article helps you with some of the rare tips you need to identify any fake boyfriend:

1. He flirts with other ladies

Flirting always remains a challenge for dating couples. This development gets very difficult especially when it has to do with the man. A man who loves to flirt around with ladies even in your presence poses a grave danger to your relationship. It is very important to notice this characteristic and take the needed decision.

2 He talks to you about how he misses his ex

It is natural for men to miss their former lovers but that can't be the case when he chooses to date you as his girlfriend or potential wife. If he keeps telling you how much he misses his ex-girlfriend, that should be a red flag for you. It either means he is still with her or letting you know how interested he will be to sleep with someone else.

3. His eyes are always after ladies instead of you

You get to meet a cheating boyfriend or husband when you trace the very persons he steals glances at whenever you are together. This is a weakness "players" can never control even if you pray for them! If this attitude of stealing glances at other women does not work, you might want to consider moving on because it means you are just not his priority.

4. He always objectifies you

You need to be very concerned as a woman when all you man thinks about whenever he sees you is how to sleep with you. You need to be very worried as a woman when all your suitor discusses with you is how to make love and nothing else. He never talks about your career, personal development - nothing. In such instances, no one needs to tell you that all he is in for is your "treasure".

5. He sets out to be the ladies man

It's good for your man to be the admiration of ladies. In fact, it's indicative of how loved and lovable he is. But it gets worrying when you get to find ladies claim he is dating them or having something intimate to do with them. If he can't keep it in his trousers while you are dating, nothing shows he will keep it when you are married.

6. He has countless girlfriends with benefits

You can't get married to a man only to spend the rest of your married life fighting other girlfriends of his. This should never happen to you. Unfortunately, most women don't see this at the time of dating only to get married and regret later. This must never be your story.

7. He is overly reactive in bed

Now, this might sound funny but when you notice your boyfriend is more like a grand master in bed you have cause to worry! Over-performing in bed can raise issues on where he has been learning such "bedmatrics" and with who. If for anything at all, having intimate moments with your boyfriend is also an opportune time to uncover his true personality. Be smart!

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