Your girlfriend beat you mercilessly and don't know what to do next? These 7 tips will save you

Your girlfriend beat you mercilessly and don't know what to do next? These 7 tips will save you

The most horrific experience that any person could experience in a relationship is when things get so abusive and brutal. Here in Ghana, we always pay attention to the abuse of women by their male partners when in fact, there are males who also get abused by their women.

7 urgent things to do when you have an abusive girlfriend who beats you

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As men, we are conditioned to keep all the pain and agony within us and "be a man". Sadly enough, most of us fall for this opinion. We just don't speak out when we are hurting the most until things become so uncontrollable.

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In this article, we give you the freedom and privacy to read for yourself the basic things you need to do in case you find yourself in situations where your girlfriend or wife gets abusive on you.

1. Speak to her when she is in a good mood

The best and first option after a terrible beating by your girlfriend is not to speak to her at the time of her anger. It is believed that a calm mind is a fertile ground for negotiation and compromise. Try speaking to her maybe after making love to her or even during a party. You will be amazed how much of an impact this has.

2. Immediately get a counsellor

Counselling is one of the best ways of resolving marital issues or complications in a relationship. Suffering from a severe beating in a relationship has the potential of ruining your relationship. If she has an anger issue both of you would need to see a counsellor. This way the expert tends to help out with intelligent ways of preventing fights in a relationship.

3. Assess yourself

Why is it the case that she is always angry and mad at you, could it be that you are shirking your responsibility as a man, you definitely need to assess yourself to find out what exactly could be going wrong with you as a person. Dealing with your wrongs is very important in saving a relationship even if it is an abusive one.

4. Be bold, meet her parents

Never think that meeting her parents is a bad move. Parents understand their daughters most and also know how to get to their heart. You need to speak to her parents and pour out your heart to them. If you feel shy to meet her mum, you can meet her dad and have a man's talk. You will be amazed at the positive result.

5. Check out with a psychologist

Persons who suffer physical abuse are always advised to seek immediate psychological attention especially when it has to do with relationships. This is no exception for men who suffer forms of physical abuse, This is to help you rebuild your ego and self-confidence as a man.

6. Take a break away from home

Sometimes, the best solution to an abusive partner is taking a long break away from home. This could mean stepping out either for days or weeks. This move helps you put together your thoughts on what's next for your relationship. Distance has always been the solution for various relationship issues.

7. Just break up

After trying all six options, when things still getting bad you might want to consider breaking up or filing a divorce. A relationship should never be a prison cell meant to break you down or make you feel less of a man. You need a life and if it means moving on from your abusive wife or girlfriend, why not? is building a platform where Ghanaians can share local news and own experiences with each other. Witnessing an incident?

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