Asante Akyem North DCE attacks police commander with gun

Asante Akyem North DCE attacks police commander with gun

- Asante Akyem North DCE has reportedly attacked the Asante Akyem North police commander

- The DCE was reportedly accompanied by plainclothed military servicemen

- The incident is in connection to the alleged beating of a 70 year old Fulani herdsman

Hon. Francis Oti Boateng, District Chief Executive (DCE) of the Asante Akyem North constituency, reportedly attacked his district's police commander, ASP Samuel Azugu, at his residence accompanied by men from the Ghana Armed Forces.

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Asante Akyem North DCE

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Following instances where Fulani herdsmen's livestock allegedly destroyed farms in the Asante Akyem North District, local authorities gave the herdsmen an ultimatum to leave the area or face a forced eviction from the area.

According to a report by, DCE Francis Oti Boateng is reported to have stated that he has had farmers visit him on a daily basis to complain about destruction of property in their farms caused by Fulani herdsmen's livestock.

Due to the crackdown on Fulani herdsmen and their livestock, it appears that a 70-year-old herdsman was brutally assaulted. In an attempt to be just, the district police commander told the elderly herdsman to go and get checked at the hospital.

"I was in my office doing my job when a CHRAJ worker called me and told me that they have a case of a 70-year-old Fulani man and upon interviewing him... I asked that the man be brought to my office and when the man came to my office and after seeing him asked that he be taken to the hospital for medical examination... So he was taken to the hospital in the company of a police officer and was examined by a doctor,” he said.

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It appears that the district commander's decision to send the herdsman to a hospital did not bode well with DCE Francis Oti Boateng. ASP Samuel Azugu related that he was done working and at home with his family when he saw the DCE accompanied by plainclothed military men approach.

"I had also closed and was on my way home, my wife and kids, my nephews and nieces, and their friends came from Accra to spend the holidays with me and I was sitting on my porch ready to eat..." he said.

ASP Azugu revealed that he was alarmed while watching the DCE and his men approach. He said he offered them seating space when they arrived, but none took him up on his offer. When he asked what the matter was, one of the men began to talk to him with his left hand.

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"I said to him, my brother, know that I am a police officer, you can’t talk to me with your left hand..." and the man drop his left hand but continued talking.

The men then told ASP Azugu that the DCE said he [ASP Azugu] received a bribe from the 70 year old Fulani herdsman and in return had him released.

"I asked him Hon. Oti Boateng, is it because of this you came along with soldiers, with guns while my wife and kids are at home? To attack me?" Said ASP Azugu.

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It is at this point that the DCE reportedly addressed ASP Azugu directly and asked him where the 70-year-old Fulani herdsman was.

The embattled police officer says the entire incident occurred in full view of his family. He says he asked the men to allow his family to be excused, although the soldiers refused his request all the while the DCE stood there "in his white suit".

So I pleaded with the DCE to go to the hospital to the man he is alleging I took money from and if you don’t find him then you can have a problem with me. If I was not diplomatic, the way the soldiers were behaving aggressively, I was honestly a little scared. If someone is pointing a gun at you and behaving rashly they might kill you and blame it on self-defence. So I kept pleading with them to go to the hospital and verify if the man was actually released or not and then come back to my house if they are not satisfied. So they finally agreed to go to the hospital saying they would be back.

ASP Azugu related DCE Francis Oti Boateng and his men came back with the 70 year old man, who was allegedly undergoing treatment at the time he was "forcibly taken out of the hospital", and says he's not seen the DCE since then.

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