Richest fraudsters in Ghana 2019-2020

Richest fraudsters in Ghana 2019-2020

It is easy to be mistaken for a fraudster just because you are rich. This has been the case of Nana Wan Ghana celebrity together with other people that have made a name for themselves. For Nana the experience has been nasty as their emerged a con pausing to be him. The claims that he had used ritual techniques to accumulate wealth hit the internet when he had no idea what was going on since he was not even in the country.

Richest Fraudsters in Ghana 2017-2018

Richest fraudsters in Ghana

One other person that has been said to be fraudster because of his wealth and expensive lifestyle is Jiibril. This young man has accumulated a lot of wealth over the years. Jibril Baron Cash net worth is estimated to be in millions although no one knows the exact figure.

Jibril baron cash cars make a statement whenever he moves around town. He is said to be the richest among the top 8 young Ghanaians. He owns all types of vehicles you can imagine. Those who have no idea where his wealth comes from claim that he is the richest scammer in Ghana. Whether this is true can only be testified with investigations.

Richest Fraudsters in Ghana 2017-2018

He goes by different names including Slyper Ghana and Baron Wan Ghana. This rich millionaire likes to keep it low key which explains why most people have mistaken him for the other man that goes by his names. The fact that not many people know much about him and his wealth, especially its sources, makes it easy for speculations and rumors to go round. The fact that he owns a car with his name as the number plate made it easy for people to assume that all cars seen with that number plate belong to him.

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Joey Gucci Ghana rich also features among the said fraudsters whose wealth is somewhat difficult to credit. Joey is one of the richest boy in Ghana which means that a lot would be said about him. It was not surprising therefore that he was arrested and held in police custody for allegations related to fraud. He was held at East Legon police station where his rich friends kept streaming in and out in an effort to cover up the arrest from the public and especially from the media.

Most of his friends denied ever visiting him in prison. With such stories one is left wondering if the rich boss that move around Accra in posh cars are legit. Is the money they flaunt around genuine? The answers to these questions can only be answered by the said parties.

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