6 things women in Accra hate in their men

6 things women in Accra hate in their men

Women are general known to be a bit complicated when it comes to understanding issues.

However, depending how you treat them, there is a big chance that she will show you her good side if she deems you worthy of her time.

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It is not always the case that ladies like to be spoiled with gifts and money. There are other ways of impressing a lady and if a man dares fall short then you might as well be on your way out of her life.

6 things women in Accra hate in their men

6 things women in Accra hate in their men

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Here are six things that women generally hate in their men:

1. Lack of Ambition

Most women are very ambitious and as a result they will also like to have equally ambitious men by their side. If she realizes that you are content with staying at the same level, without striving to improve yourself, she may leave you.

Ambition does not just relate to money, but it consists of development in every other facet of life and women love that.

2. Loving their phones more than their woman

Do not make the mistake of loving your phone more than your woman. I know many of you are asking yourselves ‘how can this be possible?’

But the fact is that it is happening. You will normally find some men fidgeting their phones at the least chance and paying less attention to their women. It is one habit that ladies really hate, especially if they realize you pay more attention to a gadget that you do to them.

3. Spending more money on data but yet still unemployed

There are some men who are unemployed, yet spend the little they get on buying bundles for their phones. If you are such a man, then you risk losing your woman because she will gradually realize that there is no future for both of you.

Women like to be beside men who have thoughts for the future, but if you are spending the little you get on bundles instead of looking for a job, then what message are you sending to her? Think it over.

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4. Unable to take NO for an answer

Some men are simply brutes when it comes to taking ‘no’ for an answer. They try to get and take everything by force even if the lady says no. Such a character is bitterly disliked by women.

This is because no woman wants to be forced into doing things against her wish. And if such a situation continues, then she will leave.

5. Sexist (misogynist)

If you are a man who likes to downplay and belittle women, then you are actually on your way to making enemies out of many ladies. No human being, let alone women, like to be belittled, and so sexist comments really hurt and it will end up destroying your relationship.

There are some men who think their women cannot stand without them. Well, she will leave you in a bid to prove that she is a woman of her own.

6. Bad hygiene

Women are generally neat people. As such if you are her man then you should be able to keep good hygiene. If she realizes that you are normally unkempt and dirty, she will gradually distance herself from you.

Ladies hate to be near men with bad hygiene and such a habit could as well cost you your relationship.

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