15 profitable business ideas in Ghana in 2021 listed and explained

15 profitable business ideas in Ghana in 2021 listed and explained

Employment is not guaranteed today even for graduates in Ghana. The influx of unemployed graduates has forced some youth to think of ways that can make them money. Entrepreneurship may not be for everyone but there is nothing wrong with taking the risk. To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to study people's needs and think of profitable business ideas in Ghana.

profitable business ideas in Ghana
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Many profitable business ideas with low investment only require your time and dedication. For an unemployed youth, no one expects you to have millions of money. You need to think of a business that will not force you to take huge loans and debts before you establish yourself.

Top 15 profitable business ideas in Ghana

To learn how to run a business you can look for a mentor and ask how they started their own. You can also enrol for a master class that can help you learn how to manage whichever business you think of starting. Here are some of the best business ideas:

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1. Taxi business

Taxi business will always make you money as people never stop moving around. You are assured to ferry clients from point A to point B throughout the week and even weekends. Thanks to technology, apps like Uber and Bolt have made it easy for one to register as a Taxi driver.

You only need a little capital to buy yourself a car or even get to rent one and you are good to go. The best thing about using these apps is that they can help build your rating as a driver. The higher you are rated, the more people would want to use your vehicle.

2. Catering services

Do you trust your skills in the kitchen? Do you enjoy cooking for people? If your answer is yes, then you need to be in the catering business. Ghanaians enjoy some good food and a nicely prepared home meal by a skilled cook is the best thing

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This is one of the businesses that require the least capital as you can start with the cutlery that you already own. As you make your delicious food, remember to make the packaging appealing too. Your food should taste as nice as it looks.

3. Poultry farming

Profitable business ideas in Ghana
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Chicken rearing and any other type of poultry farming require little effort to run. With the way Ghanaians enjoy their meat, you are sure to make some good money from keeping poultry. There is always a party going on that will require the meat.

Eggs are also a favourite among Ghanaians. The best thing about this type of farming is that you do not need to have a lot of money or chicken to start. You can sell the meat, eggs, or even the chicks.

4. Home tutoring

This may not be a popular or even common business but home tutoring can make you serious cash if you love books and can teach well. Subjects like mathematics and sciences are often difficult for many students. If you enjoy these subjects, talk to any parent who has school-going children and pitch your idea.

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You can even start your home tutoring services if you happen to get a good number of students. Some subjects are too technical so you can make a rate card where you charge the difficult subjects more than subjects that are seen to be easy.

5. Fish farming

Everyone loves eating fish. Many Ghanaians enjoy some quality fish in their meals. Fish farming may seem like it requires a lot of energy to run but the opposite is true. With just a little space and a pond, you can start your business with the little money in your savings.

Things to consider are a good location for your farm and a good source of water. Your fingerlings should also be healthy. Decide on the type of fish to keep before making any purchase. Tilapia fish is a good choice for those starting.

6. Photography

Profitable business ideas in Ghana
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Social media has made everyone crazy about taking pictures. With a quality camera, you can make a killing just by taking photographs. Be creative even when taking pictures and make everything exciting.

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Ghanaians are not shy about spending money on things that excite them. Build your catalogue online and soon you will become a personal photographer to someone. Take great pictures where there are parties or other celebrations and your work will get you dozens of clients in no time.

7. Frozen food shop

These types of shops are beginning to be popular in Ghana. A frozen food shop has all types of foods frozen then sold later to people who want the easy way out when preparing meals. Learn your market and get the foods that you think people will buy the most.

Beans and other cereals are common as it takes a while to boil them before preparing them. You can also sell different meat and other things. You can run your frozen food shop both online and offline.

8. Daycare services

Look around and you will notice mothers who are always looking for baby sitters as they go on with their businesses. Starting a day-care is a great business idea as all you need is a nice room where kids can comfortably stay. You also need to love children and know how to take care of them.

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The main supplies you may need will be toys, cleaning items, and comfortable chairs. The place your daycare is in should also be neat all the time as children can easily get infections.

9. Micro-lending business

This may require you to have a crazy amount of capital but there is no harm in trying. Many Ghanaian businesses take loans time and again to help run their businesses and make investments. Some small and medium-scale enterprises cannot easily access bank loans and that is where your micro-lending business comes in.

This business may seem risky and needs one to have a background in finance and accounting before anything else. You should also do due diligence on everyone before giving them access to your money.

10. Event planning

Profitable business ideas in Ghana
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Event planning is an exciting venture that will never have you broke. Starting maybe a bit of a challenge but once you are on your feet, you are set to be one of the richest entrepreneurs in your area. There is always a birthday somewhere, a baby shower, a graduation party, and all types of celebrations going on throughout the year.

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Learn a few things about planning and make your events distinct. The better you make your events the more client referrals you get.

11. Heliciculture (Snail farming)

Snails may not be loved by all, but keeping them for business is profitable. You will only need a small space to keep edible land snails, primarily for human consumption or cosmetic use. It takes 6 to 16 months for a snail to mature.

Like fish farming, you need to decide on the snail species to keep and choose the best food for them. For your snails to grow well, ensure that your soil has enough calcium for the snail shells.

12. Scrap metal recycling plant

Walk on any street and you will see how many scarp metals just lay bare. A scrap metal recycling plant is a profitable business as some companies are always looking for these metals. You only need a small area to collect your metals before selecting and sorting them.

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You can collect everything from aluminium cans, car rims, copper, and radiators from air conditioners. The raw materials you generate can be used in different industries. Scrap metal recycling plant can make you good money like any manufacturing business in Ghana.

13. Dry-cleaning

Doing laundry can be tasking for busy people and this is why it is a lucrative business in Ghana. With an affordable dry cleaning agent in the area, many people will choose to bring you their dirty laundry for cleaning every week. The dry-cleaning business is quickly picking up in Ghana and making entrepreneurs rich.

14. Driving school

Driving schools will never run of business as people always want to learn how to drive. Given the nature of this business, the registration process and logistics may be overwhelming for a young entrepreneur. You will have to register your business and acquire certain certificates from the relevant government bodies.

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Once you are registered, you can introduce classes for different vehicles. Companies are always looking for drivers and people are always looking to buy vehicles. You are assured of a steady client flow if your driving school gives the best lessons. It will be better if you are a skilled driver yourself before starting this business.

15. Make-up business

Profitable business ideas in Ghana
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Make-up is one of the most rewarding small business ideas in Ghana. Women regularly want to look glam and cute when going out. Many women do their own make-up though some of them are not professionals in this.

As a make-up artist, you can collaborate with salons and other beauty joints to offer your make-up services across the town. You can also do house calls for your clients. Learning how to be a good make-up artist is not hard as there are resources like YouTube that can help you perfect your skills.

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As a budding entrepreneur, you are advised to be solution-minded. Take any challenge as a learning opportunity and expand your knowledge in your area of specialization. There are several profitable business ideas in Ghana that have seen young jobless youth grow their small business to empires.

DISCLAIMER: This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!

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