Commercial Snail Farming in Ghana

Commercial Snail Farming in Ghana

The thought of keeping snails for any reason is not very common especially in some African countries where people are used to picking them from the forests. However, there are people who have chosen to harvest cash from this rare but fast picking venture of snail rearing. The fact that you do not have to free up any meaningful space or even invest in feeds makes the venture easy to start and very lucrative as the profits are explosive.

How to Start Snail Farming in Ghana

Snail farming techniques in Ghana – how to start

Surprisingly snails are a favorite delicacy for some people. They are not only rich in nutrients but also excellent when it comes to cosmetic and beauty. Unfortunately, despite being a relish for many, they are not always affordable or available all year round. This means therefore that any person that ventures into this low risk business is guaranteed sure profits as the market cannot be exhausted even if one tries. The following pointers will come in handy when venturing into this type of farming. People rear snails in different ways but most people choose to build a space that provides all snails need to thrive.

Snail farming in Ghana – getting it right

To succeed in snail farming requires very little. The following are pointers that can make your work very easy.

  1. Start by choosing an environment that is free from wind to prevent dehydration
  2. Choose soil that is rich in calcium and has water
  3. Learn all you need to know about snails to have an upper hand. Join a snail farmers association in Ghana to benefit.
  4. Conduct market feasibility studies
  5. Start a snail farm with high humus content
  6. Have a business plan for the venture
  7. Source for the best snails according to your market survey
  8. Feed the snails properly. Fortunately, feeding snails in Ghana is easy
  9. Control pests and diseases

How to farm snails commercially – What others are doing

With the large market and demand for snails, it has finally been accepted as a venture that one can pursue commercially. If this is the direction you want to take then there are certain things you must understand. You need to know how to build a snail farm first. Search the internet for a complete snail farm kit and guide. Alternatively you can choose to visit practicing snail farmers in your area to learn more about this type of farming first hand.

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How to set up a snail farm – Tricks that work

The secret to a successful sail farm is to provide the right environment. Snails need well drained moist soils where they can access water and lay their eggs as well as get their supply of calcium. In addition to this the area should be less windy t prevent dehydration. You also need t cover the top are of the sail farm to keep off pests and birds such as hawks which feed on the snails. You also need to understand the best way of a snail house construction.

How to Start Snail Farming in Ghana

Snail farming equipment – what is needed

The good news is that you can exercise a lot of improvisation when t comes to snail farming. You do not have to follow the book when there are locally available material that are cheap and useful. Some people have used old tires and bamboos to make troughs which they fill with the right soils and feeds. Make use of what you can find as long as it works.

Methods of snail rearing – go with what works

The basics of snail farming is the same. Once you have chosen the breed you want to keep and the environment is in check then the method you apply would not matter much. Snails do not require a lot of work as they rarely get sick. This explains why there may not be many disadvantages of snail farming. However, if you have decided to venture into commercial snail arming in Ghana then you may want to choose a method that is easy to keep up with. Discuss with other farmers that have already succeeded in doing this. You can always find and choose from the many snails farming techniques that will work for you.

Snail farming business plan – not to be downplayed

Just because snail rearing appears to be simple does not mean that a business plan is not crucial. On the contrary, you need a business plan, if not for anything else, to serve as a guide. You need to keep monitoring your progress.

Snail farming profitability – sure bet

Snail farming is one such venture whose profitability is not questionable. The demand is high and markets guaranteed.

If there is an easy farming venture you will ever get into then it must be snail farming.

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