Joselyn Dumas' daughter life facts

Joselyn Dumas' daughter life facts

Actress, television host and mother of one. None of her accomplishments have come easy as she has always had to work hard. She is often sharing adorable pictures with her daughter on social media, here is all you need to know about Joselyn Dumas and her adorable baby girl!

Joselyn Dumas

Who is Joselyn Dumas?

Joselyn dumas is a well-known name in the Ghanaian entertainment industry. She is a famous actress and TV personality with unravelling beauty. One may find it hard to believe but she is a trained lawyer who specialised in administrative law .

Joselyn was not raised by both parents but by only her mother as Joselyn Dumas’ parents separated. Often Joselyn Dumas attributes her success to her mother. She claims that her father abandoned her and that there never existed a relationship between her and the father.

Joselyn Dumas; is she married?

Many ask about Joselyn Dumas’ marriage since they are totally unaware of this actress’s life before she moved to Ghana. Well she was once a married woman. Joselyn Dumas’ wedding took place in the United States way before she became famous in Ghana. Joselyn Dumas was husband is the father of her gorgeous daughter. Even though she severed ties with her ex-husband she describes her past marriage as a wonderful experience. Once during an interview she hinted the reason for her failed marriage as being inexperience and young age.

Dumas seen in a wedding dress in Rapper Lynxxx's music video

Dumas seen in a wedding dress in Rapper Lynxxx's music video

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Joselyn Dumas’ daughter.

Joselyn Dumas’ baby was born in the United States while Joselyn was a resident there. Just like her mother, Senia is a breath taking beauty. One would obviously want to know how old Joselyn Dumas’ daughter is. She is apparently in her teenage years.

Mother and daughter also seem to share a very close relationship. Joselyn Dumas, like her mother, is raising her daughter as a single parent. Having come into Ghana’s entertainment industry as a mother, Joselyn Dumas has perfectly managed to strike a balance between her career and parenting. It is too obvious a fact that Joselyn Dumas greatly loves her daughter. Last year, Joselyn Dumas posted a picture of herself, her mother and her daughter Senia looking stunning on Joselyn Dumas’ mother’s birthday. It is without doubt that this adorable and beautiful young lady, Senia is at the centre of Joselyn Dumas’ life.

Joselyn Dumas, her mother and daughter Senia

Joselyn Dumas, her mother and daughter Senia
Source: UGC

Joselyn Dumas has perfectly managed to keep her private life completely away from the media. For this reason therefore, the public do not get to see much of her now fully grown daughter. Joselyn Dumas’ child has grown pretty fast and it is without doubt that she takes so much after her mother especially in her looks. The few pictures of Joselyn Dumas that circulate the media portray Senia as a radiant and enthusiastic lass.

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