4 reasons why critics label Ghana as a bad place to live

4 reasons why critics label Ghana as a bad place to live

United States President, Donald J. Trump's comments concerning African and South American countries made over the weekend have received heavy criticism the world over.

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Just like all others who were shocked by the comments, Ghanaians first responded with shock and indignation the outright derogatory statement. Although now some have come around to asking if indeed - although crass and derogatory - Donald J. Trump's comment had modicum of truth in it.

So YEN.com.gh put together a list of reasons why foreigners would find it easy to denigrate Ghana, especially those who've never visited the country.

reasons why Ghana can be labelled a "sh*thole" by its critics

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Although people living within the larger cities have access to medical healthcare, most people living in rural areas in Ghana only have access to primary healthcare. This being said, most public healthcare facilities still struggle with overpopulation, and shortages in medical supplies.


Ghana's education system has come a long way, today the University of Ghana is ranked among Africa's top 15 universities. Nevertheless, in the basic and secondary levels much remains to be done to improve on Ghana's education standards.

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A report published last year estimated that over 1,2 million people above the age of 15 years (roughly 11.9% of the total population) in Ghana are unemployed. The report also said that the unemployment rate among persons with an education is higher than it is among those that don't. Furthermore, unemployment was at its highest amongst those with full secondary education, as compared to those who only possessed middle school leaving certificates of Basic Education Certification Examination certificates.


The issue of corruption has been one that many Ghana heads of state have had to deal with, and is indeed a major reason why the last administration lost to President President Nana Akufo-Addo's anti-corruption campaign rhetoric in the 2016 general elections.

Corruption has reached such levels that it permeates almost every aspect of pubic life, from the judicial system to the police service. So much so that many Ghanaians have lost faith in Ghana's judicial system and no longer look towards it for justice.

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Source: Yen.com.gh

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