Black people must stop saying these 5 things to white people

Black people must stop saying these 5 things to white people

- White people should know when they are being racist by now

- By explaining how what a person has said was racist is a waste of time

- Black people have better things to do that educate white people

Toni Morrison is an acclaimed African-American writer who has contributed a great deal to the discussion surrounding racism has identified a major drawback to racist thinking, “Racism keeps you explaining. The very serious function of racism is distraction. It keeps you from doing your work.”

Another African-American author, Shannon M. Houston has identified a number of saying the black people use in what she calls "moments of weakness" when they have to explain things to white people. She says that it almost impossible to get anything done when you have to constantly explain why something is wrong or racist. learned from the that by 2018 the average white person should understand what white privilege, racism, cultural appropriation and condescension is, if they don't they never will because they don't care. Black people should stop wasting their time explaining the obvious.

Bearing in mind that this only applies to white people who are racist and not a blanket statement to all white people.

The following five things are not listed in any order of importance:

1. White Privilege

White people know that they are privileged but they simply don't care that black people are not, trying to explain this is a futile waste of time.

2. [insert name], you have to understand that …

Again this is an explanation and by 2018 the person you are talking to should understand by now how their actions are racist. Especially when they say that they cannot be racist because they have black friends.

3. There’s a great article out by…

By telling them what to read again you're doing too much work. If a person refuses to keep up to date with current affairs or important history than by you explaining or telling them about an article is keeping you from doing more important work.

4. No, you can’t even sing the word because of the history …

Some words carry the weight of history with them and white people know what these words are and if they are intent on singing them your explanation is not going to change their mind.

5. Excuse me

Black people have done enough for white people throughout history and white people don't need to say excuse to white people anymore.

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