Attractive jobs that result in long term/ short term adverse health conditions

Attractive jobs that result in long term/ short term adverse health conditions

Many people, especially graduates after school, yearn to have a good or well-paying jobs.

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Attractive jobs that result in long term/ short term adverse health conditions

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Of course, who wouldn’t want to have an attractive job that gives one some respect in society, the luxury and most of all the riches to enjoy all or some of the things he or she likes to have.

There are many respected jobs that fetch a lot of money as well.

Nevertheless, some of these jobs often result in adverse health conditions.

From a survey conducted by, it was gathered that respected jobs including teaching, mining, health work, journalism and security like the military, pose long term or short term adverse health problems to those who practice them. But all all other jobs have their side effects.

1. Miners: In Ghana, the mining sector is one of the richest industry; and this is not surprising because natural resources are rich in value. However, the life of a miner is at risk due to being exposed all sorts of chemicals, dust particles and others.

Note also that it is not always easy for some of them to go deep down into pits to mine out the natural resources. By the end of his career, a miner is usually left with a breathing problem.

One rich miner who spoke with YEN, Mr. Isaiah Boateng, revealed the lung problem he has been battling with at thirty-nine years. He admits becoming very rich by this choice of career but his health condition is much of a concern to him now.

Miners at work

Miners at work

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2. Health workers: Health workers are always at risk and this is an open secret. They are exposed to all sorts of bacteria, viruses, and others while they are treating others of their illnesses.

One Physician Assistant, Mrs. Comfort Boah, who shared her experiences with explained that per the ethics of the job, health officers are not allowed to cover their nostrils when they are dealing with patients.

This means that when a health officer is treating a patient with tuberculosis, he or she is not allowed to protect himself by using nose masks. Consequently, their chances of getting infected with whatever sickness they are treating are very high.

A family which lost its doctor also shared their awful experience. The doctor died while on a plane to conference in the United States. Later, a post-motem examination carried on him revealed that he had died of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

This means that while he was busy seeing to the welfare of others, he himself had little time to care for himself. The deceased doctor, while alive was known to be very diligent and lover of human. His death came as a big blow to his many patients.

Some Ghanaian doctors at work

Some Ghanaian doctors at work

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3. Journalist: Ghana has lost some good journalists in the past with the recent being Alhaji Bature of the Alhajj Newspaper, and Kwadwo Asare Baffour Acheampong popularly known as KABA of the Multimedia Group.

It has been established that all deceased journalists either battled with high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems. These health conditions usually occur due to the stressful work and lifestyle of journalists.

Some have said their busy schedule often leave them stressed with back pains resulting from prolonged sitting. Others have also said they are unable to do regular exercise because of the demanding nature of their job.

KABA of Multimedia Group

KABA of Multimedia Group

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4. Teacher: Undoubtedly, it is fit to conclude that the teachers are second to none! If not for a teacher, there would be no doctors, miners, journalists and you name them.

The teacher is often touted as the gateway to any profession and that is true. However, apart from the complaints by some teachers that their salaries do not “praise” their hard work, there are other health conditions that the strenuous job of a teacher can cause him.

Some of them have throat infection because they are “always talking”. Some of them also suffer chronic back pain and also pain in the legs for prolonged sitting and standing.

A teacher iteaching

A teacher in the classroom

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5. Military/ Soldier: The military uniform alone is very attractive plus the remuneration making the job of a solider or military man an enviable one.

However, most of them, after their service, are faced with some health conditions, especially pain in the knee and back. One retired Colonel in a chat with related that he is currently treating a chronic knee pain he developed along his career.

Military men

Military men

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Irrespective of the health problems associated with these jobs, they are attractive and all who spoke with concerning this topic also expressed excitement that they have or had such jobs.

Interested persons can go ahead with any of them, however, it would be prudent for everyone to take careful measures to reduce the risk of being infected with any disease.

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