The richest actor in Ghana 2019

The richest actor in Ghana 2019

A lot of people have made it big in the entertainment industry. The Ghanaian movie industry commonly referred to as Ghallywood or Kumawood is no exception. Growing in popularity each passing day, Kumawood has created many world-class actors and actresses. There is a long list of Kumawood actors who have made it big and are living large through acting. Do you know who is the richest actor in Ghana 2019?

The Richest Actor in Ghana 2019

Kumawood produces between 20-50 movies each month and this has made many actors feature in the list of the richest Ghanaian celebrities. Topping the list of the richest celebrities in Ghana is none other than Majid Michel.

Majid Michel is one of the most accomplished Ghanaian actors. He has been in acting since his youth. Having studied acting and theater studies Michel has perfected his acting skills over time and has become one of the leading actors in the Ghanaian movie industry. The actor Turned pastor is one of the highest paid actor and among the richest in the country.

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Who is Majid Michel?

Majid Michel is a prominent Ghanaian actor. He is probably the most handsome Ghanaian actor. Michel was born on 22nd September. His acting career spans over 20 years. He was the nominee of the Best Actor in the Leading role in the Africa Movie Academy Awards for four years in a row between 2009 and 2012. He was also the nominee of the same in 2014 and 2017. He managed to scoop the award in 2012 after losing out on the first three consecutive nominations. Ever since, his acting career has been on the rise. He has acted many movies including love movies featuring the most beautiful Ghanaian actresses.

Majid Michel Wealth

The Richest Actor in Ghana 2019

Mr. Majid Michel is the highest paid actor in Ghana. His net worth stands at a whopping $1.6 Million. Born to a Lebanese father and Ghanaian mother Majid also features a lot in the neighboring Nollywood movie industry of Nigeria. His acting skills have put him on a higher grade and most producers love to have him in their movies.

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Family Life

The Richest Actor in Ghana 2019

This prominent Kumawood and Nollywood actor is married to his beautiful wife, Virna and together they have two beautiful daughters. In a show of commitment to his family life, Majid has promised never to act in scenes involving kissing and nudeness.

Majid Michel Car

Majid Michel’s achievement is a testimony that hard work pays big time. His collection of cars shows how well he is doing in Kumawood. His latest Audi A5 coupe had people talking. With a price tag of over $40,000 has been the talk of town.

The Richest Actor in Ghana 2019

Most people would envy his lifestyle but that all comes with hard work. What a better way to proof that you are the highest paid actor in Ghana other than to having the best collection of cars?

Majid Michel House

Mr. Majid Michel has an estate named after him in Accra. This is situated in the city where he grew up at. The estate has given him a lot of fame from both the locals and tourists who are ever keen to discover the origin and the life of this young but accomplished richest actor in Ghana.

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