Bitter kola side effects for health

Bitter kola side effects for health

Bitter Kola has always been used to treat migraines, respiratory diseases such as whooping cough and renal conditions among others. Additionally, several people rely on it to lose weight. Despite these health benefits, bitter kola has some side effects which can be detrimental to a person’s health. Find out about bitter kola side effects below.

Bitter kola

Side effects of bitter kola

Bitter Kola can cause weakening and even loss of bones among elderly people. Additionally, young people who consume large amounts of bitter kola might suffer from osteoporosis, a disease that is characterized by improper formation of their bones.

High consumption of bitter kola also leads to heart disease problems. This is because of the high content of caffeine which damages the functioning of the heart. In worst case scenarios, too much intake of the caffeine can lead to death.

Bitter kola side effects for health

Another side effect of eating bitter kola is that it slows down the clotting of blood. Blood clotting usually prevents loss of blood. Therefore, if it is slowed down or prevented, a person can end bleeding severely which can ultimately lead to further medical complications. People who have recently undergone surgeries are advised not to consume bitter kola for such reasons.

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Side effects of chewing bitter kola are that it leads to oral blisters. A person not only develops discomfort in their mouth but also exposes it to germs. In some instances, the person becomes susceptible to suffering from mouth cancer.

Bitter kola side effects for health

Too much intake of bitter kola nut can lead to gastrointestinal problems. It can lead to severe diarrhea and prevent proper functioning of the digestive system. When this happens, several problems are likely to arise thus the need to reduce bitter kola in the diet.

Bitter kola also prevents proper digestion of sugar for people living with diabetes. The huge amounts of caffeine can alter the required blood sugar levels which worsens the condition of the diabetic person.

Bitter Kola and pregnancy

Bitter kola side effects for health

Side effects of bitter kola in pregnancy are diverse. Even though bitter kola is preferred in the first trimester to reduce vomiting, pregnant women should be very careful when consuming it. It can cause anxiety and nervousness. Such situations are not appropriate for a pregnant woman. They can not only harm her health but that of her unborn baby as well.

Additionally, bitter kola contains caffeine which is not recommended during pregnancy. This is because it can cause premature births among other birth problems.

Bitter kola nut side effects vary depending on the health status of a person. Therefore, people suffering from any disease or condition should always consult a physician about the consumption of bitter kola.

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