Health benefits of bitter kola

Health benefits of bitter kola

For quite a long time, bitter kola has been sought after by several people. In the past, bitter kola was only used in Western African countries. However, due to its benefits, it has become a preference for many people around the globe.

In case you would like to know why bitter kola should become part of your diet, see the wonders of bitter kola outlined below.

Health benefits of bitter kola

What are the benefits of bitter kola?

One of the major health benefits of bitter kola is that it is used to treat malaria infections. In the past, access to information regarding malaria was limited especially in remote countries. As such, traditional healers used to recommend bitter kola nuts which would work effectively to treat the disease. Today, people still rely on these nuts to treat malaria infections. Recent researches indicate that the presence of quinines in bitter kola nuts make them effective in treating malaria.

Health benefits of bitter kola

Another benefit of bitter kola is that it enhances sexual health. To begin with it cures impotence by correcting erectile dysfunction in men. It is believed that, once a person consumes bitter kola, the flow of blood in the necessary area increases thus making it possible for a man to erect with ease.

Additionally, a man’s libido usually increases and their sex performance also improves. Men are advised to take bitter kola nuts few minutes before engaging in sex. Most importantly, bitter kola improves male fertility. The importance of sexual health cannot be underestimated thus the need to consume bitter kola.

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The benefits of bitter kola nut are also noticeable through the improvement of the functioning of the respiratory system. From time immemorial, bitter kola has been used to treat whooping cough and Asthma. Ultimately, it enables the lungs to perform well. This is done by strengthening the fibers of the tissues in the lungs.

Bitter kola also prolongs the life of a person. Traditionally, people attributed longevity of life to bitter kola consumption. Even though this might not be scientifically proven, the several health benefits of bitter kola listed above provide enough prove that indeed bitter kola makes a person to live longer.

Health benefits of bitter kola

The uses of bitter kola to the human body are very many because it works as an antibiotic. Recent research studies indicate that bitter kola can be relied on to treat opportunistic diseases for people suffering from HIV/AIDS. It has the ability to act as antibacterial, detoxification agent and also cleanse the body.

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The benefits of bitter kola to a pregnant woman are noticeable especially during the early stages. In the first trimester, women experience nausea and vomiting. Bitter kola works to reduce the morning sickness thus making them feel good. However, bitter kola and pregnancy might fail to work at times. As such, consumption of bitter kola during pregnancy should be done under a physician’s instructions.

Other benefits of bitter kola are that it helps in weight loss, reduction of eye pressure and treating sore throats.

Following the benefits of bitter kola nuts listed above, it is wise for people to consume it whenever necessary.

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