Does bitter kola help sexually

Does bitter kola help sexually

You have heard from a friend that bitter kola will help you impress your girl. Now you are curious. Will having a couple of nuts have such an effect? Here is all you need to know about bitter kola and what it can actually do for you in the bedroom.

Does bitter kola help sexually

Garcinia Kola that grows majorly in the equatorial rainforest of West African countries such as Ghana, Sierra-Leone, Congo is a flowering plant belonging to the Guttiferae family.

Bitter kola has been used for a long time having been believed to be a magical plant. The health benefits of bitter kola are numerous. Bitter kola is used as an anti-toxin, anti-biotic for treating tuberculosis, typhoid, diarrhoea, liver disorders and colic. The seeds are also used for weight-loss and improving sexual performance.

Kola nuts

Bitter kola seeds are either chewed, ground or mixed with other medicines and plants. Below is a quick summary how these bitter kola seeds aid in matters of sexual health.

Bitter kola benefits and side effects for sexual health.

Bitter kola intake is believed to improve a man’s sexual performance, especially those with low libido. Also, the bitter kola seeds are sought after as they are thought to cure men's inability to last long in bed Experts report that taking bitter kola in fact increases blood supply to all vital organs of one’s body, including the male organ .Therefore impotence and inability to last in bed can be reversed. The effects of bitter kola on sperm are increasing the size of the sperm and also sperm count.

Does bitter kola help sexually

Many people in Ghana can actually attest to the fact that bitter kola indeed does enhance sexual performance in both men and women.

Bitter kola also works well when mixed with watermelon. The usage of kola is approved by medical doctors also.

Intake of large amounts of bitter kola seeds on other occasions leads to irregular heartbeat, stomach upset, oversleeping and anxiety.

How many bitter kolas a day?

It is recommended hat that one should take about 2 bitter kola seeds a day. It is important also to consult a medical practitioner before using the seeds as one can react negatively to them if they are allergic to caffeine.

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For pregnant women a small cup of bitter kola juice once or twice a week is sufficient.

Bitter kola and pregnancy.

It is a well-known fact that pregnant females are expected to take care extra care of their diet and health. Concerning bitter kola and pregnancy there are two ways to look at it.

One, due to the high caffeine content in the bitter kola sees then pregnant women should avoid them. Such high amounts of caffeine for a foetus is detrimental, as it results to alterations in the baby’s sleep patterns and movements. The foetus cannot be able to handle such large amounts of caffeine. Pregnant women are thus strongly encouraged to turn to other stimulants which are much milder such as fruit juices and water which have no harmful side effects on their unborn babies.

Does bitter kola help sexually

The other side of this matter is that bitter kola is good for pregnant women if taken in very small amounts. Bitter kola is believed to cure nausea and vomiting during the first trimester. Also bitter kola is argued to be beneficial during pregnancy as it normalizes blood circulation and also strengthens the womb.

Truly, Mother Nature offers us the best solutions to our day to day health issues and also with hardly any hazardous effect if well used.

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