Airtel Ghana settings for Android, Windows and Blackberry

Airtel Ghana settings for Android, Windows and Blackberry

Technology is not everyone's cup of tea. Are you stuck on how to install Airtel internet settings on your mobile device? Worry not, here is a comprehensive guide that makes the procedure quite easy.

Airtel Ghana settings for Android, Windows and Blackberry

Airtel internet settings in Ghana

Airtel is among the largest telecommunication industries in Africa. Considering the advanced technology, the internet is becoming a requirement of survival worldwide. Businesses have grown, education sector has expanded thanks to the internet. However, there are some who own smart phones but have no clue of how to access the internet. Below is a guide on how to get airtel Ghana internet settings

Airtel Ghana settings for Android, Windows and Blackberry

First, you are supposed to activate the airtel sim card if it is not yet active. There are two ways to activate your sim card; one is calling the airtel Ghana customer care services who will readily respond and help you to activate or by login in the airtel website, fill the details and eventually activate your sim card.

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Airtel Ghana internet settings

To access the internet, you have to change your settings accordingly, by following these steps;

  1. Select the menu icon on your phone and go to settings.
  2. Select the access point name(APN). You can change the access point name to airtel Wap
  3. Leave other fields blank, click on the options area and click on advantage settings. Fill as follows;
  • Network type-Ipv4
  • Proxy server address-
  • Proxy port number—9201
  • Go to settings choose the airtel wap as the default access point

Airtel Ghana internet settings shortcode

There is a shortcode that you use for your airtel sim card that will help you to access the internet fast without going through the above process. All you need to do is;

Send the word ‘internet’ to 232. Save the settings that you will receive as default settings on your phone

  • Insert your sim card and browse
  • Call the customer care and request sim provisioning
  • Airtel Ghana Internet settings for android
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For android phones, follow the following procedure;

Click on the menu button, then settings followed by wireless networks. Enable the data via the airtel sim card. Select internet on the access point name and change it to wap. Save these changes and you are good to go.

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Open the settings icon. Click on the network then network data. Enter the information required and the APN select as wap. Save the settings and you will be free to access the internet any time.


Click on the menu icon then settings. Select connectivity and ensure that the packet data is on. Go to the packet data settings, active access point and edit it to internet and save your changes. You will then be able to surf and access all internet sites like google on your web browser.

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Other phones

For other phones such as the china phone, airtel Ghana mobile internet settings procedure is as follows;

Go to your menu and select connections. Select your sim card which is airtel. Type ‘internet’ on the APN. If you have refilled your credit, then feel free to access the internet anywhere, any time.

Airtel Ghana Automatic internet settings

To get automatic internet settings, click in the menu and Go to settings, internet, Wap, settings then edit

  1. Select Airtel internet account as the default setting
  2. Restart phone
  3. Activate settings
  4. Browse freely

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