Social Media Poll: Ghanaians share their views on loan-financed weddings

Social Media Poll: Ghanaians share their views on loan-financed weddings

Wedding is now a very expensive thing to do. And in an era where everybody wants to have that dream wedding, cost sometimes becomes a hindrance.

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But would you ever consider going for a loan to finance your wedding in the event that you are short of money?

Social media poll

Ghanaians share their views on loan-financed weddings

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Well, run a poll on Facebook and the responses were simply massive.

While very few supported the idea of financing a wedding with a loan, others rejected the idea completely and would rather stick to having a small wedding.

One Facebook user with the name Nana Owusua suggested that marriage should be more about how the two people make it work and not necessarily the extravagance of their wedding.

She wrote: “Marriage is not about the number of people that comes to your wedding but how you keep your marriage, your partner and your children. It is high time some of our ladies stopped pressuring men to go for loans sake of wedding. U are giving our men pressure at their young age aaaba.”

Another lady by the name Doreen Esinam Gyanhene narrated her marriage experience, explaining that all she and her husband did was to bring together some family members and a pastor and everything was settled.

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She said: “I told my husband I want 4 of his family and four of mine and us making 10, we went to the Catholic Church in the small chapel and did our thing and we are happily living for a years now , my husband is the best man ever created in the world, a helper, friend and a companion I would have made the greatest mistake if I had said No to him in the name of money because money can’t buy happiness or love am enjoying now.”

Intriguingly, some other men said the ladies preaching against loan-financed marriages are hypocrites.

One guy by the name Melchizederk Emmanuel Zutah said: “All these ladies will come and say no I won't do that or allow my husband to do that... But in Reality that's what they will urge u to... Chameleons... They live differently in their homes n differently on Social media. ...Am out.”

Another guy by the name Fraizer Zakourson chose a rather sarcastic answer, insisting he would only take a loan for his wedding if his bride will not ask him for any money afterwards.

He wrote: “I will do that for a reason. If after the wedding the woman will take care of every bill in the house till the next 20 years.”

These are but a few of the opinions of some Ghanaians on the debate of whether it is good to go for a loan to finance your wedding. You can also leave your opinion below in the comment box below.

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Share your views with us in the comments section. Do you have a story, please send it to us now on Facebook!


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