Pig Farming in Ghana - Business Plan, Tips and Revenues

Pig Farming in Ghana - Business Plan, Tips and Revenues

Out of all the livestock farming options available, pig farming is not only profitable but also a lucrative venture that is gaining unbelievable popularity. It is easy to begin and keep up with the demand whether on a small and large scale. If you intend to switch into pig farming, here is what you need to know about being a successful pig farmer in Ghana.

Pig Farming in Ghana - Business Plan, Tips and Revenues

Commercial Pig Farming in Ghana - How to Start

If you want to venture into commercial pig farming, you need land that is large enough for your intended stock and separate stalls for the boars, sows and piglets. Proper hygiene is not optional. Swine fever is the biggest threat to pigs, it clears an entire stock in a few days. Immunize your pigs. Most importantly, 70% of your budget should focus on food. Pigs eat a lot and get very annoying on empty stomachs.

Pig feeds in Ghana are easily available. You can make your own by Simply preparing a mixture of maize meal, wheat bran and fish meal, all available in Ghana. Commercial feeds however costly, are advised once in a while for nutritive reasons.

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If you are venturing into small scale pig farming Ghana as a resident then getting feeds is less costly. According to Smart farming in Kenya experts, you can organize for left over foods from the nearby schools, hotels and also your own household. Farming in Kenya is not different from that in Ghana unless we are talking of a product that is only unique to one country. Again, sharing is caring; we can borrow a leaf.

Pig Farming in Ghana - Business Plan, Tips and Revenues

Pig Farming in Ghana Business Plan – Plan to Succeed

Like any other venture, pig farming requires you to have a set business plan to prepare yourself adequately for the expenses ahead and the expected outcome. Consulting a professional is the best step towards this. With a business plan you can get to source for capital from banks and other financial institutions.

Pig Market in Ghana - How Favorable Is It?

The pig farming in Ghana market is already up and running. It’s not a new product and has ready and guaranteed customers. Usually, the cost of a piglet is GH 80 and a fully grown pig goes for around GH 400.

Pig Farming in Ghana Revenues - Yes, It Does Pay

The amount of money you will get from selling the pigs can be double the amount you have put into rearing them. In essence, it all boils down to how many pigs you can rear as it’s directly proportional to the probable revenue. Before you start earning though, you will need to practice patience as the gestation period in pigs is 4 months then the piglets take 6 months to mature.

Brace yourself today and go for your share of this profitable pig farming pie.

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