Moneygram money tracking in Ghana

Moneygram money tracking in Ghana

Your relative has just informed you that she has sent you money from abroad. She even has a tracking number for you to use. Problem is, you have no idea how to go about this tracking process! Here is an informative guide that will help you understand how moneygram tracking works.

Moneygram money tracking in Ghana

Tracking money in money gram

Tracking money in a money gram in Ghana has raised questions. This is because, after making a transaction using a money order, it is difficult to know if the money has been received or cashed. This is because a money order is not directly linked to an individual’s bank account. So you cannot call the bank’s customer care. Below is an easy and efficient way to track your money order.

Tracking a money gram money order

For western union and money gram, you can call the toll-free number to confirm if the money gram was cashed or received. For the USPS (United States Postal Services)money orders, you have to submit a form for a certain fee for the services. In a period of about one month, the issuer shall send will send an endorsed money order that indicates who received and who cashed the money, and also the time that these transactions took place. If the money order is pending meaning that it has not been cashed or received, you can still request a refund for the tracking services.

Moneygram money tracking in Ghana

How to start money gram tracking

For you to do any tracking to the money order, you need the receipt that shows detailed information about the money order. If the receipt is lost, look for copies of the money order or photos of the said money order.

Tracking a money order goes for a fee of $5.95 for the USPS but as for other issuers it goes for around $15 or even more.

Get enough information about the money order. Communicate with the person you send the money order to. Get information directly from your payee which is less tedious than having to fill out forms.

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For the moneygram tracking a money order process to pull through, you need to be very patient. Most letters take very long with the exception of holidays and weekends. Sometimes the recipient is busy, and they have not confirmed if the money order has arrived.

Tracking United States Postal Services (USPS) money orders

If you decide to use the USPS money order, visit the post office and fill out a PS form 6401 money order inquiry. The details you need include;

  • Money order number
  • Amount of money
  • Information on place of purchase of the money order.

This process takes about one month, and you will eventually get a copy of the document. If you cannot wait you, can use the money order inquiry system which might not be reliable. The only way is to use form 6401

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MoneyGram tracking Money Order

Tracking money gram money orders is easier. All you need to do is call the money gram automatic response at 1-800-542-3590. You will have to provide your money order number and the amount. Moneygram money order tracking becoming advanced due to increased technology.

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