12 rules for all single Ghanaian men below 30 years

12 rules for all single Ghanaian men below 30 years

As a young single man in Ghana, there are so many opportunities for you to find that special person in the course of your single life. In fact, the joy of being single comes with so much freedom that we often make serious mistakes that follow us for years.

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12 rare lessons every single Ghanaian man should take seriously

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In this article, we will be putting out some nuggets of advice for each and every single man in Ghana.

1. You will never be young forever, it's better you start a family now

2. Stop making love to multiple girls when you are young. It brings complications in the future

3. Save while you are working and earning income as a young man. You never know what the future holds

4. You can't always rely on your parents, learn to be independent

5. Never wickedly hurt fragile girls, you might reap the issues latest

6. Invest in your life, not women

7. You will be measured by your worth and influence in life

8. Don't base your happiness on the love for a woman, she can easily break your heart

9. Take very good care of your personal hygiene

10. You will not live in your parent's house forever, be wise and be a man

11. Deepen your relationship with God to help you grow personally and spiritually.

12. Stop having unrealistic expectations because this has the potential of affecting your relationships.

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So many young men have collapsed their dream of greatness largely because of the bad decisions they took during their young adult lives. You need not make that wrong decision is your formative year as a young Ghanaian man.

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