African wear styles: Trending in 2020 (photos)

African wear styles: Trending in 2020 (photos)

Most people belong to the school of thought that firmly believes that impressions can be used to judge your worth or value. For instance, employees in a formal setting are expected to wear clear fit suits and official attire otherwise they will be disregarded. That is why a smart and sharply dressed uneducated person can easily be mistaken as part of the elite. Based on this idea, it is clear that different settings and occasions call for specific dress codes. In this post, check out the latest African wear styles 2020.

Latest African wear styles 2019

In the case of a beauty pageant, the audience and contestants are expected to showcase their A game in style and fashion. People are even becoming obsessed with standing out and being unique when attending such events hence end up investing so much money in buying flashy accessories and clothing. It isn’t a bad thing anyway to belong to a class of your own, besides, it even encourages creativity and innovation.

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Motivated by the West Africa culture, there is an increasing number of enthusiastic followers and lovers of the Ghanaian African wear styles. Their style is rich with amazing African wear styles, hair dos, and beaded jewelry just to mention but a few unique things with their lifestyle. Continue reading if you are interested in some of the top and latest African wear styles of 2019. Here are the trending styles that will get you the attention and speak of your class in your silence.

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African Wear Styles for Men

I know the hustle has been real, looking for a good and quality African wear style for guys where for official or otherwise purposes. Here are some of the highly rated African wear styles for guys that gives you value for your money.

Latest African wear styles 2019

Latest African wear styles 2019
  • Official wear – it is undoubtedly what most men are looking for and an areas designers have not been so creative about. A suit, a tie and matching shoe has been for long been the men’s official wear. With limitation in style and color. Apparently, there has been a revolution in terms of design, bright color exploration and use of fabrics of different texture and make.
  • Semi- official wear - this perfectly suits those new in the corporate world and whose environment provides that they should be formally groomed. It’s a lenient way from the conventional attire but smart indeed. Men do not necessarily put on a tie or a bow tie, they outdo it, go for a shirt, completed it with an official jacket with pants either being of khaki or cotton fabric.
  • Casual wear - this for less formal setting or one to pull during leisure or vacation. I am thrilled by the liberal mind of men who have been spotted in shorts, sweat t-shirts and fitting jeans, sneakers or loafers to complete the look. This has been a big win for the African wear styles in Ghana for the men.
  • Ankara wear- print! Print! Print! I just the boldness among men who do not shy away from these style. Could be a matching shirt and pants, pants matched with a shirt of the non- Ankara type, a shirt with Ankara touch or even accessories such as cap, bag shoes with the Ankara fabric. I must say this has been an interesting look for 2019.
  • Westernized African wear- this is a blend of the African and western fashion styles. For example a suit instead of being of the same color is either broken with another color or fabric. An official jacket of Ankara kitenge fabric is mix matched with an official trouser.

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African Wear Styles for Women

In the horizon, indefinite stars can be seen but some shine brighter than others. In the same are women with their diverse styles of grooming. If your have been in search for unique and trendy attire of 2020 here are the latest African wear styles for ladies.

Latest African wear styles 2019

Latest African wear styles 2019
African Print
  • African print wear – we cannot fully embrace our culture and not put on our own heritage. African print has been worn but emerging styles that made it look less proverbial. Designer has creatively made outstanding collections to serve the simple to sophisticated needs of the women. The styles include skater dresses, body con long dresses, pencil skirts, peplum tops just to mention a few.
  • Laced dresses – laces unselectively look good for any woman. They bring out that feminine and modern feel to the woman and are a suitable wear for dinner, casual to religious gatherings. Although most lace dresses are designed to be a little skin revealing which can be inappropriate in a formal environment, some have been designed to perfectly fit as official wear.
  • Bold official wear - bold because or color choice and design. Official looks have an unwritten code which is somewhat limiting. The African wear styles for ladies have broken this norm with diversity, style and a tempting but attractive attitude. The younger generation of professionals has embraced this wears since they are less conservative about dressing and more outgoing.
  • Sporty wear- healthy and nutrition has been an overly emphasized need in regardless to the overweight women population. This wears are majorly for working out, hiking or for outdoor to indoor games. Track used to be the in thing, but lately, tights, and sweat pant completed with a matching cotton top is serving the purpose better.
  • Official wear- this was a must I mention. Store has some unique official wear all credit to our designers. Just like in the office look for men, women have equally been given focus. The conventional collar suits have been replaced by collarless suits with only a neatly done neck line, blend of other fabrics, bold colors not deprived off. These range from skirt to trouser suits. In another dimension, dresses have now been incorporated into the official niche look and are coming out just fine.

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It is worthwhile mentioning that the African wear top styles have also come out strong in the year 2019. Remember of the high low tops and dresses, peplum tops, laced tops, chiffon tops and how could I forget the African print tops. The Ghanaian people should be on the look for the above designs they are awesome so long as other factors of style, body size and shape, preference and purpose are nothing to worry about.

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