African dress styles for weddings: 2020 trends (photos)

African dress styles for weddings: 2020 trends (photos)

"When are you getting married?" is a question most people can relate with. As weddings, which mark the start of marriages, become popular, it is time you learn about the top dress styles that borrow from the African wear. Will you consider any of the best dress styles for wedding in 2019 discussed below?

The African cultural setting is stylish, unique, and always trendy compared to the rest of the world. One of the things that stands out the kinky black hair, skin color and lifestyle. In addition, the African wear that usually originates from a kitenge or Ankara clothing material, is something that most Africans boast. Wedding dress designers have gone a long way in creating some of the best dress styles for gracing any wedding without letting down the groom and bride.

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African Dress Styles for Weddings

Are you attending a wedding in the near future? Here are some of the best African dress styles for weddings in 2020 that will give you glares and stares for your strong fashion sense.

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The up to date trends of wedding ceremonies is that they inform guest beforehand the theme of the wedding. Of course, most prefer the African dress styles and even when not informed of their theme, it wise to consider African attire for such functions. African dress styles for wedding guests range from classical African print designs to the African modern designs which are a mix of African style and the western designs. Here are some of the best African dress styles one can rock for a wedding.

African Print Dress Styles 2020

These type of dress styles for weddings are the common wear and most suitable for traditional or communal functions. They are made of a cotton fabric either Ankara or kitenge.

Print dresses are common in West Africa but the style has spread to the rest of the continent. Print fabric may be patterned, flowered or even have other shapes printed there in. color saturation and mix is something visibly observed in these dresses. Designer so then use their creativity to bring out unique design according to one’s body size, shape, purpose and preference.

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African Lace Dress Styles

Another trend dress style is the African lace dress styles for weddings. If you are someone who is fashion and style cautious then this should be in your closet. It is African yet somewhat looks more westernized.

Different designers will go for different styles; some may sew lace at the collar area, others on the arms, at the back or some even go as far as using lace fabric all length of the dress. Either way lace looks so good for wedding and makes a bold statement of someone who is stylish and trendy.

These are some of the best African dress styles for wedding guests that the groom and bride would surely be happy to keep their wedding memories with. African style shows that one is absolutely proud of their origin, culture and lifestyle as black people. Besides, the only and best package one can give to the newly wedded is fulfilling all the desires they hoped for their wedding; it begins with appearance so ensure you give your best foot forward in dressing for such occasions.

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