Western Union money transfer tracking guide in Ghana

Western Union money transfer tracking guide in Ghana

The western union was formed in the 1900s and it is a living testimony of integrity. It has over 135 years of experience in financial transactions. It is a business whose main focus is to connect loved ones through these transactions.

Western Union money transfer tracking guide in Ghana

The western union money transfer international is an integrated system that allows transfer of money from one country to another. It incorporates all currencies and operates internationally in all countries. The western union has affiliations to certain banks, and therefore makes cash exchange very easy.

This money transfer system is indeed the way to go because it assures safety of your money. You can use internet banking directly or visit a nearby Ecobank, or any bank that has western union in it. Ecobank is found in 35 African countries and all of them have the western union money transfer system.

How to use Western union money transfer to send money

Sending money is very easy all you need to do is’ visit a western union agent that is near you

  1. Complete the form for sending money and fill all the mandatory fields
  2. Give back the filled form to the agent together with the transaction fee
  3. Ensure that you save the receipt together with the tracking number in case of tracking
  4. Your money will be sent
Western Union money transfer tracking guide in Ghana

Western union money transfer online

For android phones, you can download your western union application on the google playstore. With this app, you can comfortably send and receive money accordingly. Also you can track your money through the app to know the status of your transactions at a certain fee.

The western union has improved lives and with improved technology, making transactions has been made easier.

Western union Money transfer tracking

In Ghana it is easy to track your money in western union to ensure that it landed on the right hands, and that the transaction was successful. Below are the ways in which you can track your money

  1. Visit the western union website.
  2. Ensure that you have your MTCN or tracking number. This is the number given on every receipt of transactions in western union
  3. Enter your country, receiver’s country and amount the click on the track transfer button

Western union money transfer Ghana locations

The following are some of the places you can find western union in Accra

  • Fidelity bank
  • Amal bank
  • Ecobank
  • Ghana Post Company
  • HFC bank
  • Standard Chartered bank
  • UT bank limited

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