11 deadly actions most Ghanaian women take in relationships

11 deadly actions most Ghanaian women take in relationships

Relationships have the potential of giving us the best excitement of our lives and also the worst of experiences ever. As young and single Ghanaian women, having a boyfriend comes with grave satisfaction and pride especially when you feel loved and attached to the very person you so much love.

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But unfortunately, there come moments when the very decisions we make as young women haunt us badly if not forever. In this article, we explore the very mistakes that young Ghanaian women make in relationships that forever haunt them.

1. Deciding to sleep with him without protection when indeed you are not married to him

2. Relying on him for your basic upkeep which leaves him to be the ruler of your life

3. Telling him every secret of your life which should never be the case

4. Deciding to move into his house when indeed you have a home

5. Agreeing to have an abortion or family planning when indeed you not married

6. Failing to know his health status

7. Always trying to please him no matter how painful the move is

8. Feeling too bad and miserable whenever he is not available

9. Accepting his excuse for not wanting to see your parents

10. Sacrificing your finances for him and paying his bills

11. Giving him your bank account details

The mistakes you make in a relationship as a young Ghanaian woman are mostly made out of the heat of the moment especially when your love for him is so strong and unconditional. Remember that these mistakes you make have the potential of affecting you and your health in a severe way.

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