Actress Bibi Bright laughs at "confusion" over pleasure dolls

Actress Bibi Bright laughs at "confusion" over pleasure dolls

- Bibi Bright has expressed amusement over negative sentiment regarding the opening of a sex doll brothel in Germany

- She says people now live in a world where everything has to do with human rights

Ghanaian actress, Bibi Bright, who is also the Secretary to the Ghana Creative Arts Council, has laughed at how some Ghanaians have expressed discontent over reports of a sex doll shop opening in Germany.

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Ghanaian actress Bibi Bright in blue dress
Bibi Bright

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Recent reports stated that Germany has opened it's first sex doll brothel in Germany, and many Ghanaians have expressed negative sentiments at the idea of people paying to sleep with dolls.

Obviously amused at the situation, Bibi Bright shared a message on her Facebook page expressing how - according to her - the current "generation" seems disorganized.

According to Bibi Bright, in this day and age, everything is about human rights, and that everyone wants to be able to indulge in their sexual preferences, whether its homosexuals, heterosexuals or people who desire to sleep with dolls.

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"Now some ppl also prefer to have sexual encounters with sex Dolls and ppl find that crazy and unacceptable?" wrote Bibi Bright.

Checkout Bibi Bright's post below:

Actress Bibi Bright laughs at "confusion" over pleasure dolls

The issue of sexual orientation has been more frequently discussed in Ghana, ever since President Nana Akufo-Addo's interview with Al-Jazeera where he said the open practice of homosexuality is bound to be legalized.

Asked during the presidential meeting with the press on Wednesday whether his comment on Al-Jazeera was a part of some concerted effort to legalize homosexuality, the President said it was not.

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