Vodafone Ghana internet settings code for mobile phones

Vodafone Ghana internet settings code for mobile phones

Vodafone is the national telecommunications company in Ghana. It provides both mobile telephony and internet connections for the Ghanaians. Due to the large subscription of internet users,Vodafone has up to date, efficient configurations that enable easy access of internet by users. We shall look at the internet settings for the new year closely to enable us understand how to access it easy.

Vodafone Ghana internet settings code for mobile phones

Vodafone internet settings 2018

In our modern world, internet is everything.This puts telecommunication companies on their toes to deliver the best of internet services.Vodafone in line with that have released for the year 2018 the easiest configuration steps to allow fast and easy internet on phones. They have specific settings for the different operating systems like IOS(I-phones)and all versions of Android(Samsung etc.).

The internet settings put in place for Android powered phones for internet activation are easy to understand and follow through.This settings however cover the activation of 3G internet .Vodafone 3G internet settings for androids are as follows;

  1. Go to the Vodafone 3G activation.
  2. Find the Access Point Name(APN).
  3. Go to the settings.
  5. At the APN, enter the website address e.g.www.
  6. Restart your mobile if necessary.
Vodafone Ghana internet settings code for mobile phones

The above steps are for automatic settings. Vodafone internet settings for android phones can also be manual.This mostly targets china phones that have only manual activation as the only option. The instructions are divided into two parts:

The first part

  1. Go to the services in your mobile and choose the data account.
  2. Click on any item to edit.(you may add new if your phone has the option)
  3. Set on NAME anything that suits you best.
  4. At the APN to browse\internet
  5. Leave all other options blank and SAVE.

You can now proceed to the second part.(internet service settings)

  1. Go to the internet service settings in the service in your phones menu.
  2. Choose the option Settings
  3. Choose the Edit Account option
  4. When selecting SIM,choose that which contains your Vodafone.
  5. Choose an account to edit(often which you don’t use)
  6. For name use Ghana Vodafone
  7. Homepage:www.vodafone.com.gh
  8. You may use the data account created in the previous part
  9. Connection type use HTTP(even if already chosen)
  10. Use Proxy: Yes
  11. Proxy address:
  12. Proxy Port 8080
  13. Leave all options empty, save and activate.

You must agree that the Vodafone internet settings for androids is easy and fast if you have tried it.

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The Vodafone company also a short code that is manipulated by users everywhere to receive internet and MMS settings.The Vodafone internet settings code makes it easier for the networking company to track and provide internet to the SIM.This has been appreciated by users countrywide for the convenience it brings about.

The Vodafone Ghana internet settings shortcode is easy.It simply is sending an empty text to the number 700 from the mobile phone.You then save the settings received.

You must now agree that it gets no easier than what the company offers for internet settings. You don’t have internet? What are you waiting for?

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Source: Yen.com.gh

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