Top 10 Facts About Funke Akindele and Her Husband

Top 10 Facts About Funke Akindele and Her Husband

They are among the most successful celebrities in Nigeria, and they have even become much more popular among Nigerian people and many others in Africa after their marriage. I can say that their news have even reached Europe and the US. Did you know that Funke Akindele’s husband lived in London for twenty-five years? Well, keep reading and you will find below the top ten facts about Funke Akindele and her husband.

Top 10 Facts About Funke Akindele and Her Husband

The picture above is of Funke Akindele’s and her husband. Funke Akindele has become famous especially after acting in a United Nations Population Fund sponsored sitcom called I need to know, which ran from 1998 until 2002. She got married with JCC Skillz on August 23rd, 2016. They are a great couple indeed and they look as if they were born for each other. Funke was born on August 24th, 1977 in Ikorodu, Nigeria, and her husband was born on April 4th, 1977 in Kano, Nigeria. Thus, they are almost of the same age. No one really knows how long have they been together before they got married in 2016 in London.

Who is Funke Akindele’s Husband?

Funke Akindele’s husband, whose is known by JCC Skillz, is also a very well-known personality in Nigeria and in many countries around the world because of his music. Unlike Funke, he is not an actor, but a famous rapper and music producer who has become one of the most known producers and rappers in Nigeria and in Africa. Despite the fact that he was born in Nigeria, he has spent most of his lifetime in London. His main mission was to make African music more popular among many people around the world, especially in Europe and in the US.

His music was so special and unique, as it was a bit infused with salsa music in a special way, thus it was more creative, diverse, cheerful, and pleasant compared to other music. JCC Skillz also aims to remind all the Nigerians who do not live in Nigeria at the moment about their native country, habits, traditions, and land.

Top 10 Facts About Funke Akindele and Her Husband

His wedding with Funke Akindele took place in London in 2016, and both of them preferred not to be in the spotlight so that their personal lives will not be on the public display. So, they were very discreet of their wedding plans. In general, Funke is not one of those who likes to talk about her personal life in public, but the happy development with JCC Skillz affected her and made her tell some people about her relationship with him in the beginning of 2016. The couple has appeared for the first time together at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards, and their relationship and marriage were a big surprise for everyone, as they did their best to keep them discreet. JCC says that his daughter has encouraged him to marry Funke telling him that she will definitely be a good and loyal wife, and JCC has followed his daughter’s advice and proposed to Funke in February 2016.

The top 10 facts about Funke Akindele and her husband

Here are the 10 most interesting facts about Funke Akindele and her husband. You may be surprised by many of the facts below, as they have always tried to keep their personal lives away from the eyes of the public.


Funke Akendele was pregnant with twins until November 2017.


JCC Skillz fell in love with Funke while she was shooting Jenifa's diary after she has invited him to be her video director.


Before his marriage with Funke, he was married to three different women from which he had children. He is a very good husband and father, as he still supports his children, and he is also still in touch with their mamas.


The couple got married secretly in London.


Funke Akindele has graduated from Nigeria Abiola Polytechnic University before studying law at the University of Lagos.


Funke Akindele was married before for a short period of time to Kehinde Oloyede, and she mentioned that she was abused in her relationship with him. That was one of the reasons she kept her relationship with JCC away from the public.


JCC Skillz admits that his marriage with Funke made him more focused, and that it has given him stability and peace of mind.


They fell in love with each other the first time they saw each other. JCC says it was love at first sight and more of an instant connection between them.


Funke runs a non-governmental organization called The Jenifa Foundation, which aims at nurturing the talents of skilled unknown people, and JCC Skillz says that one of the secrets of their successful marriage is that they both work so hard and in the same industry.


Before his marriage with Funke, JCC has admitted many times that he did not want any kind of emotional attachment with any one, but he still managed to fall in love with Funke the moment he saw her and she saw him.

Top 10 Facts About Funke Akindele and Her Husband

Funke Akindele’s Pregnancy

Funke was pregnant with twins until November 2017. There have been many rumors and reports that she has delivered her babies in London on November 24th, but that is actually not true. She has unfortunately lost her 6 months pregnancy in London, which was very sad mostly for her of course and for many of her close ones, family, and fans. People back then started posting a lot of posts on social media about why her stomach has suddenly become flat, and that was of course very upsetting for her and her family. Unfortunately many people did not use their brains back then to figure out the right answer themselves, and instead, they started making a big deal out of it on social media which has made her feel worse. It was definitely one of the hardest times in her life.


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