Top 10 Facts from Funke Akindele’s Husband Biography

Top 10 Facts from Funke Akindele’s Husband Biography

He is known by JCC Skillz, although his real name is actually Abdul Bello. He was born on April 4th, 1977 in Kano, Nigeria. He has managed to become one of the most famous and successful rappers and producers in Nigeria and in Africa, although he has spent most of his lifetime in London. Did you know that he managed two get married three times before his marriage with Funke Akindele? If not, keep reading through the article to know the most interesting facts about Funke Akindele's husband biography.

Top 10 Facts from Funke Akindele’s Husband Biography

He went to London with his father when he was 14 years old, and then he has spent about 25 years of his life there. His father was mainly listening to country music, which made him like music from the first place. I can say that he has a very interesting biography compared to many other rappers and music producers due to his unusual life circumstances. Although he has lived in London for most of his lifetime, his mission is to make African music more popular among many people around the world, and he aims to remind all the Nigerians, who do not live in Nigeria at the moment, about their native country, culture, habits, and traditions. His music is so different from any other usual rap music, as it is a bit infused with Salsa music in an unfamiliar but impressive way, which makes his music more diverse, international, creative, cheerful, and pleasant compared to other regular music.

Funke Akindele’s Husband Biography

Funke Akindele’s husband, with whom she got married secretly in 2016, is known by JCC Skillz. He is also a very well-known personality in Nigeria, Africa, and in many other countries around the world just because of his music. He managed to get the nickname of the International African just through his music that has been able to make many Africans around the world so proud of their origins. Unlike Funke, as you all may know, he is not an actor, but a famous rapper and music producer who has become one of the most known producers and rappers in Nigeria and in Africa. Funke and JCC got married secretly in London because both of them preferred not to be in the spotlight so that their personal lives won’t be on the public display. JCC has admitted before that his daughter has encouraged him to get married to Funke, telling him that she will definitely be a good and a loyal wife, and JCC has followed his daughter’s advice and proposed to Funke in February 2016.

Top 10 Facts from Funke Akindele’s Husband Biography

When it comes to the beginning of his musical career, many people say that his brother had a huge influence on him, as he was his main support during his first steps in the music career. It is also said that he was the first one to teach him DJ skills. Some people may say that he has started doing music alone, but that is actually not true. He has started his first ever music group with a school friend before his big band “The Big Brovaz” was created, which was a project in the hip-hop and R’n’B genres. Today, he dedicates most of his life, time, and efforts to his work, as he still doing the best he can to promote African music around the world.

Top Facts About JCC Skillz - Funke Akindele Husband


JCC Skillz began his first ever music group with a school friend before the Big Brovaz was created, which was a project in the.


JCC Skillz has performed at many festivals in London and was also awarded a prize for being one of the few people to create a positive image of Africa in the United Kingdom.


JCC is the main producer and also creator of the multi-platinum and award-winning group Big Brovaz, which had 4 Top 10 singles in the charts and a huge success.


After he has conquered the Urban and the Pop and music market, JJC has started setting his sights on making African and especially Nigerian music sounds more famous and well known by creating the ‘AFROPEAN’sound, as it became connected with what is known today also as AFROBEATS worldwide.


JJC has also performed in many countries, including Nigeria, America, Italy, and France. In April 2005, JJC & 419 Squad have performed alongside Ludacris at the ‘MTV 100th LIVE’ in Abuja, Nigeria. The event was mainly to mark the launch of MTV’s 100th channel, MTV base in Africa. Some highlights from this show were shown on MTV channels, which were broadcasted to 418.8 million households in 164 countries around the world.


JJC Skillz has continued his producing career, which was a huge success when he created the African Super Group. The group was called JJC & The 419 Squad. It has won the 2004`s KORA All Africa Music Awards. JJC also has worked with many African artists, like Weird MC, Bouqui, Don Jazzy, and the 419 Squad.


He has admitted that it was love at first sight when he first met with Funke. She has invited him to be the video director of her show Jenifa’s Diary, and that was the first time they met. He says there was an instant connection between them the moment they saw each other.


JCC has admitted that he almost did not know anything about Funke Akindele before they got married because he was more of a Hollywood person, and that he did not watch any Nigerian movies before they got married. That was his answer to those who have claimed that he got married to her just to revive his dead career.


One of his most famous and popular hits was “We Are Africans”. Its main aim of course is so obvious from its name. The hit managed to gather two million views on YouTube when it was released, and many people say that it can be more of a national anthem for all the African countries together.

Top 10 Facts from Funke Akindele’s Husband Biography


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