Do not succumb to pressures from single people to marry – Uncle Ebo Whyte advices

Do not succumb to pressures from single people to marry – Uncle Ebo Whyte advices

Celebrated playwright, Uncle Ebo Whyte, has advised young people to ignore pressures from unmarried people to get married.

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Do not succumb to pressures from single people to marry – Uncle Ebo Whyte advices

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According to the ‘Dear God Comma’ playwright, the most irritating thing he is yet to come to terms with is when unmarried people give others pressure to marry.

He is reported by to have described those who do this as very ‘stupid’.

I get very irritated and angry at the people who want to push everyone into marriage. Pressurizing others to marry when you yourself are not married is the most stupid thing ever,” Uncle Ebo Whyte said.

He added that it could be that the person under pressure to marry is perhaps desiring to get married some day, and so there is no need for such force from people in the same ‘pot’ with the unmarried ones.

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In Africa, particularly in our dear country, a woman often comes under intense pressure when she gets to a certain age and still remains unmarried.

Some of the questions such women face most of the time is “so when are you getting married?” “When are you inviting us to your wedding?” and so on and so forth.

This sometimes leads to embarrassment for the women; some of them even get depressed, especially, when they seem to have no idea how soon they would be getting married.

Against this background, Uncle Ebo Whtye, in a recent interview on the KSM show, believes such pressures are unnecessary especially if it is coming from unmarried persons.

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He further advised the single ones to remain focus on whatever they do for a living, and never succumb to pressures to get married.

Uncle Ebo Whyte is one of Ghana’s finest and most vibrant playwright.

He is a legendary satirist, and has written a lot of interesting plays which have been recommended internationally under his brand Roverman Productions.

Some of the plays are ‘Dear God, Comma’ and ‘Damaged Goods’.

Uncle Ebo Whyte’s recent play was titled ‘Nicholas’, and it was about the life story of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams.

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