Is Actor John Dumelo Married

Is Actor John Dumelo Married

One major question which crosses many people’s minds especially single ladies is whether actor John Dumelo is married. There have been different versions of information about his marital status. Below are some facts and rumors to prove whether this glamorous actor has taken the vows.

Is Actor John Dumelo Married

Whenever a renowned actor role plays in romantic movies with fellow actresses, it leaves most people guessing whether the acting is a recipe for a love relationship especially if the two are close friends. This has been the case with Actor John Dumelo. Most people have been posing the question about John Dumelo’s marriage. However, when asked about his marriage life, Dumelo's answers have been vague and inconclusive.

Most celebrities love to live flashy lives. They are surrounded with women everywhere each of them wishing to take the title of the girlfriend. Amid all this, it is society’s wish that such celebrities, in this case male celebrities should have some beautiful woman somewhere. This is the case with the renowned actor John Dumelo. Most people are eager to know whether John Dumelo is he married.

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Is John Dumelo Married?

Perhaps, the answer to the question, "Is John Dumelo married?" can be answered through rumors that have been reveled against this handsome Ghanaian actor. There have been lots of unverified rumors about John Dumelo’s love life. In 2016, there was a lot of gossip about Dumelo dating fellow actress Yvonne Nelson and she was pregnant of him. However, the rumors were proved to be untrue as the said prospective wife got married to a different man and they have a baby girl together.

Is Actor John Dumelo Married

In a better version of unverified news, there have been reports that the glamorous and handsome Ghana actor John Dumelo married in Arlington, United States to an American lady by the name, Harrina A Dembele. Maybe that is why the actor travels a lot to the US all in the name of acting. Adding more weight to the rumor was the production of a marriage certificate showing that the two were truly husband and wife.

However, when confronted with the evidence about the marriage certificate Mr. Dumelo accepted that indeed there is such a marriage certificate but candidly said that it was just printed for a scene in a documentary they were doing. He added that there were more than 10 scenes in the documentary shot in different locations hence the John Dumelo marriage certificate was used to substantiate the documentary.

Is John Dumelo Married to Rita Dominic?

In another turn of events, in 2014, there were wild rumors that John Dumelo was married to Rita Dominic.

Is Actor John Dumelo Married

However, as usual, the story turned to be just a hoax as the pictures which had been circulated online showing the couple in a beautiful wedding dress was just from scenes of the then upcoming movie, Rosemary Rose.

From the above, stories, it can be deduced that this Ghana actor John Dumelo’s marriage is just an ending question. Whether he is married or not, is a question he can confirm himself.

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