Genevive Nnaji's daughter - quick facts

Genevive Nnaji's daughter - quick facts

Genevieve Nnaji is a very huge name in the entertainment industry of Nigeria and beyond. However, Genevieve is not the type to publicize all the details about her life. She likes some privacy and this explains why not much is known about her family, especially her daughter. This article highlights some interesting facts regarding Genevieve Nnaji daughter.

Genevive Nnaji's daughter - quick facts

Genevieve Nnaji daughter's biography

  • Genevieve Nnaji daughter's name is Theodore Chimebuka Nnaji.

For quite a long time, nothing much was known about Genevieve Nnaji's daughter. The only information available to the public was that the daughter of Genevieve Nnaji was born when her mother was very young. Genevieve Nnaji was only 17 years old and did not even realize she was pregnant until her mother told her. Abortion was not a choice for Nnaji as her parents were very staunch Catholics. Turns out, keeping the baby is one of the best things that Nnaji did. Being the child of a star actress, Theodore will definitely achieve much in life.

  • Genevieve Nnaji's daughter is not only a celebrity but a learned one.

She attended Federal Government College Akure. She also completed school at Nnamdi Azikwe University and got a degree. As of 2013, she had completed National Youth Service Corps.

  • Genevieve’s daughter runs a successful business

Currently, Theodore runs a makeup artistry business. It goes by the name NAJ Artistry and is very popular among Nigerian celebrities. The name that her mother created has helped NAJ Artistry to grow. Sources say that she owns millions, thanks to her lucrative business.

  • Genevieve Nnaji’s daughter is married

Genevieve Nnaji daughter wedding took place in 2016. Were it not for the photos that leaked on the internet, nothing much would have been known about this. Theodore Nnaji has an awesome relationship with her mother

Genevive Nnaji's daughter - quick facts

Genevieve Nnaji and daughter relations

The relations between Genevieve nnaji and her daughter have got to be the best. Since, Theodore publicized some aspects of her life, people always confuse her and mother to be sisters. They are not only gorgeous but also look alike. This is the awesomeness that comes with giving birth at an early age.

Genevive Nnaji's daughter - quick facts

Based on the popularity of Theodore and her success in business, it is clear that she has got her mother’s support. It goes without saying that giving birth early comes with a lot of hurdles. As such, Nnaji must be an inspiration to her daughter. She is definitely in a position to give the best advice to her child through real life experiences.

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How old is Genevieve Nnaji's daughter?

If Genevieve is 38 years old, her daughter must be 21 years old. Genevieve is only 17 years older than her daughter. It is amazing how much Theodore has achieved at this age. She is learned, already has a successful business and also married. She must be lucky because at this age, many young people do not have any idea about what they want to do in life. We can only wish, Theodore Chimebuka Nnaji all the best in life.

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