Lydia Forson shares video of traumatic incident with National Security officer

Lydia Forson shares video of traumatic incident with National Security officer

- Lydia Forson has recounted how she was recently assaulted by an alleged national security officer

- She says the incident happened near the NAFTI hostels

- She recorded some of the incident on her mobile phone

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Celebrated Ghanaian actress and activist, Lydia Forson, has shared a video detailing a traumatic incident where a supposed national security official allegedly verbally assaulted her, and another woman in her production team.

Lydia Forson sits on wooden bench in flower patterned dress

Lydia Forson

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Relating the incident on her personal blog, Lydia Forson recounted how she had been part of a film crew shooting at a location near the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) hostels, when a vehicle pulled up and a man with a walkie talkie jumped out and told them they had no right to film there.

Lydia Forson wrote that members of the crew along with its director tried to reason with the man, telling him that they indeed had the right to shoot although he refused to listen. At this point the director just decided to leave in order to avoid escalating the situation.

"I observed all of this from a distance and noticed the man was fixated on the female crew member who happened to be the one driving. As she turned to leave he started to verbally assault her, why? Because she had “dared” challenge his claim that we weren’t allowed there; he continued to hurl insults at her until I heard him say finally “ you think you are somebody...That triggered me" wrote Lydia Forson.

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At this point, Lydia wrote that she went up to the alleged national security officer and said to him that he did not need to go far since they had already decided to leave.

Lydia Forson says the man then turned on her and began making threats, at which point she took out her smartphone and decided to record the incident. This only further infuriated the alleged national security official.

"He quickly lunged at me and tried to hit the phone out of my hand, in the process he punched my arm and continued to come for me. Save for the crew, this man was ready to beat me to a pulp and he said as much" she wrote.

Security official makes threatening hand signals

Left: National Security man threatens Lydia Forson moments before attacking her for recording the incident Right: Policeman looks on while colleague verbally attacks film crew

According to Lydia, when she told the man he had no right to beat her, he gave a chilling response and said he could beat her and that no one could do anything about it.

"I can beat you if I want, my authority gives me that right and no one can do anything about it," he said.

Lydia Forson goes on to say that there was another man in police uniform who stood by and watched the entire incident unfold.

When asked if he would stand by and watch civilians get assaulted, he asked for "proof" of assault. She added that when their supervisor arrived, he stated that no physical or verbal assault had taken place.

Lydia Forson concluded by giving readers four main tips to remember when they're involved in similar situations, tips she says she hopes they will never need.

"1. Know your rights. 2. Know that knowing your rights might mean nothing in certain circumstances. 3. Immediately start to record a situation you believe is about escalate; it’s probably the only thing that’s going to save you from further harm. 4. Share to your social media platforms, friends and family just Incase something happens to you."

Checkout Lydia Fonson's video of the incident below:

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