Police Officer attacks Lydia Forson after her incident with a National Security officer

Police Officer attacks Lydia Forson after her incident with a National Security officer

-Lydia Forson shared a video of an alleged assault by a National Security Officer

-The incident occurred while the actress was on set of a movie she was cast in

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Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson, after being ‘physically’ attacked by a National Security officer, has received another ‘backlash’ from a police officer over the incident.

Lydia Forson poses in photoshoot wearing blue dress

Lydia Forson

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The actress took to her Facebook account and shared a picture of the alleged police officer and also the ‘harsh’ words he had for her, describing her as a ‘so-called’ celebrity.

Lydia Forson bemoaned, “How do I speak on my assault without someone tone checking me, questioning the validity of my claim and trying to make it my fault.”

The actress went on to reiterate that she got involved in the fracas after it had already escalated and she, in trying to get some evidence over what was happening ended up being assaulted by the security officer who threatened to beat her up because he had authority to do so.

In the message that came from the alleged police officer, he noted that security personnel in Ghana were trained on how to handle the likes of Lydia Forson.

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He also accused some celebrities of looking down on police officers at checkpoints just because they thought they were more human than the police officers.

In comparing the row the actress had with the National security officer, the policeman said that Lydia Forson would have begged for her life if a knife or deadly weapon had been pulled on her and she would have even forgotten about her rights at that moment.

On Monday, the actress posted a video via her Instagram account over the assault incident and poured her heart out over the issue.

The issue seemed to have gotten out of hand when Lydia Forson took out her phone to record the incident.

The alleged National security official then lashed out at the actress in a bid to stop her from recording the altercation.

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