Best Investment Companies in Ghana

Best Investment Companies in Ghana

Some people were surprised by the significant economic growth that took place in Ghana during the last few years, as it was not expected by many people. However, all the signs have shown that Ghana’s economy was going to improve. Education has improved during the last 20 years, with more universities and educational institutions being built. In addition, many different opportunities for investors have become available, which made people feel safe to invest their money in public and private banks and with investment companies as well. Read down below to see the list of the best investment companies in Ghana.

Best Investment Companies in Ghana

With a huge population of 28 million hardworking and optimistic people, Ghana has taken enormous strides toward democracy in the last few years under a multi-party political system. The country’s ranking now is in the top 3 in Africa when it comes to the freedom of the press and the freedom of speech, which is a huge accomplishment that makes every Ghanaian citizen proud. Also, the economic growth has improved significantly during the last few years, which has encouraged many international and African investors to invest their money in many Ghanaian local industries.

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The industry sector alone has recorded the highest growth of 11.5% in 2017. That is one of the achievements of the Ghanaian authorities that have expressed their commitment to follow a steep route of fiscal consolidation. Ghana still has some problems with youth unemployment and expensive electricity, but that is expected to change in the following years due to the many growing industries in the energy field, as the main contributions to its industrial growth are from mining and petroleum industries. Below is the investment companies list that are expected to help in Ghana's development in the next few years.

Top List of Investment Companies in Ghana

Many investing opportunities have come up lately, especially in different industries that are related to energy, oil, and agriculture, as the country needs to work on some of its energy problems because of the expensive price of electricity. Investment in construction has also become a great option lately due to the country’s annual rising population. The tourism industry has also grown lately, as it is seen by many tourists as one of the friendliest countries in Africa compared to other countries. It is also considered safe to invest in other growing industries like food storage and waste disposal services. In addition, investments in recycling plants would be very efficient and useful for the investors and for all the Ghanaian people. On the other hand, a huge amount of the food crops does not reach the consumer due to the lack of food storage services and storage facilities. If the farmers have the necessary facilities where they can store their products, the prices of their products in the market will be cheaper, and the farmers themselves will gain more profit and incur fewer losses. If you are more eager now to invest in Ghana, check the list of Ghana’s best investment companies.

Westlion Limited

It is one of the leading multi-national organizations that specifies in business intelligence and deals facilitation, and it is among the best ranking investment companies. The company is considered as one of the best investment companies in Ghana, as it operates in more than 30 countries in Africa and it already has interests in 15 industries. Westlion Limited serves many investors from around the world who are interested in doing business in Africa. It also helps many African countries with the building of hospitals, schools, and infrastructure constructions.

Agro Cocoa Investment Limited

It is so obvious from its name that it provides investment opportunities for those who may be willing to invest in the cocoa industry, which is among the biggest industries in the world. The company is legally registered to take part in the farming of the cocoa, and their mission is to accelerate the economic growth in Ghana through sustainable cocoa farming that will help with the unemployment issues that Ghana suffers from. All Ghanaian and foreign investors who want to own cocoa farms are allowed to invest, and the company guarantees that the income of the first year will cover the initial deposit.

Best Investment Companies in Ghana

Duks Group

The group is specified in auto engineering services, vehicle sales, technology, advertisements, property management, and business consultancy; making it experienced in many different investment fields that are almost required everywhere on the globe. Investment in vehicles and automotive parts alone is among the most guaranteed investment fields, as people always need many spare parts for their vehicles from time to time. The group’s vision is to provide outstanding customer service experience to its customers and clients.

Achievers Investments and Management Limited

Achievers Investments and Management Limited is one of the most experienced firms in dealing with international investors, as they are experienced in meeting the different requirements of foreign customers who are encouraged to invest in local Ghanaian industries and services. The firm is experienced in the export and import of many various local and international products including vegetables, fruits, grains, and raw materials. They also offer advisory services to other entities to develop their markets.

First Havila Investment Group Limited

One of the leading financial facilitation companies in Ghana. They provide financial help, advice, and support to entrepreneurs and small businesses. The group has also many connections with private investors, and it takes part in export and import businesses. One has to admit that such groups take part in the acceleration of the Ghanaian economic growth.

Greenland Insurance LTD

A private insurance company that started its business in Ghana in 1982. Its main aim is to provide its policyholders with the best protection services at the smallest cost. As any insurance company, this could be a great investment option for many international and local investors.


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