Top 10 Travel Agencies in Ghana

Top 10 Travel Agencies in Ghana

It is not just known for its outstanding landscapes and beautiful beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, but it also has an amazing history and culture that most of the people do not know about. No one can deny that Ghana has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in Western Africa, as it is a small country compared to other African countries, but still it has a huge variety of activities and places that are very interesting for tourists from around the world. It is also seen by many tourists as one of the friendliest countries in Africa. Read down below to check the list of the top 10 travel agencies in Ghana now.

Top 10 Travel Agencies in Ghana

Ghana is one of the most developed and civilized countries in western Africa, as its authorities have expressed their commitment to follow a steep route of fiscal consolidation. That is one of the main reasons of its economic growth in the last few years, which led to a significant development in Ghana’s tourism industry. Tourism in Ghana has definitely improved lately, as foreign investors are becoming more interested in investing in Ghana’s developing industries including tourism.

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The country has it all; beautiful beaches, amazing nature, resorts, exotic waterfalls, caves, mountains, lakes, wildlife, and a tropical warm climate all year long. This has definitely made it one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world, where tourists from Asia, Europe, and even South America fly all the way to Ghana to enjoy its amazing nature and discover its history and culture. In 2011, Forbes magazine has published that Ghana was the 11th friendliest country in the world. It also has dozens of castles and forts that some of them were used for the slave industry. Ghana’s heritage tourism mainly focuses on the slave routes that were used many years ago, while its adventure tourism lets tourists see Ghana’s rain forests, natural reserves, and game parks. If you are willing you to spend your next vacation in Ghana, check now the list of the best travel agencies in Ghana.

Best Travel and Tour Agencies in Ghana

Ghana’s tour agencies has led to its success in tourism, as they vary to suit the tourists’ variable needs from history and culture to nature, beaches, and landscapes. Here are a few of the top travel agencies in Ghana.

Top 10 Travel Agencies in Ghana

Urban Adventures

If you are looking for a true African adventure, then this is the right place for you. It has some of the best ratings of all the tour agencies in Ghana due to its amazing services that let tourists experience the true life in Africa. It offers a new and different style of traveling experience that lets travelers get off the usual touristic path and make them attached to life in Africa. They have many tours that take travelers to very interesting places away from the cities where they can meet local people and make friends with them.

Intrepid Travel

It all started from an epic and unknown trip in the wild by two adventurers in the late 80s, and it is now one of the most famous travel disks in the world, as it offers unseen adventures to many of its customers from around the world. It operates not only in Ghana, but in Asia, Europe, South America, Australia, and the Middle East. They also offer various trips to the Arctic and Antarctica. No wonder that they have become so successful around the world, as they let their customers live life-changing experiences that they would never forget. It’s now responsible for helping more than 100,000 travelers from around the world reach their destinations and experience new adventures in different locations.

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Secure Travel and Tours

If you are not really looking for adventure, but just want to relax and enjoy the Ghanaian nature without worrying about anything, then this is the right place for you. The tour agency is located in the capital of Ghana, Accra, and it is one of the main premium travel agencies in the country. They are specialized in providing complete tour packages that include transportation and accommodation to Ghanaian and international customers from around the world, and they strive to offer the best customer service to their clients.

Top 10 Travel Agencies in Ghana

Grassroot Tours Ghana

It was started by Michael Dankwa, a man whose main aim is to let people get a true feeling and taste of life in West Africa. They offer their travelers many guided tours to very interesting places in Ghana including the mole national park, Wli waterfalls, Wechiau hippo sanctuary, beaches in cape coast, and the slave castles of historical importance. The tour company is located in Temale, which is the capital of the northern region of Ghana. This could be one of the best options for those who are most interested in discovering and experiencing the true Ghanaian culture, habits, traditions, and history.

Kenpong Travel & Tours

The company specializes in planning the perfect trips for its customers so they won’t have to go through any stress with the booking procedures. They arrange everything for the customers and for very affordable and suitable prices as well. It is always looking for ways to make traveling for its customers much more enjoyable, affordable, and easier. Some of the services that it offers are guided city tours, tour packages, hotel reservations, and car rentals. It has a very friendly staff that does its best to guarantee the best customer satisfaction experience.

Kumsai Travel Agency

It is one of the leading travel agencies in the Ghanaian city of Kumasi, as it was the first established travel agency in the city back in 1988. It was also one of the first agencies to gain the IATA accreditation. The agency sells airline tickets and does hotel reservations, and its staff does its best to advise their customers in a professional manner. Customers can get any information they need about airline tickets and hotel reservations from the agency’s official website by requesting a quote.

WeFly247 Travel & Tours

It is so obvious from its name that they do their best to achieve the best customer satisfaction results by offering them flexible flights at any time they want, and that is their main goal, which is to bring their clients closer to their desired destinations. It is another tour agency in the city of Kumasi that has gained a lot of popularity among Ghanaian and international residents. The agency also collaborates with HBG medical assistance so that they can provide their clients with affordable health care services while they are traveling and at affordable prices as well.

Spirit Express

An independent travel agency that offers travel planning services and holiday tours for individual travelers and small groups. They also specialize in offering discrete travel services for its clients, including flights, car rentals, cruises, hotel reservations, and villa rentals at some of the world’s most enchanting destinations. Their main aim is to provide something new and exciting for their clients according to their own personal preferences so that they can surpass their expectations.

Can Do Land Tours

The agency almost operates in all areas in Ghana servicing a wide range of travelers from around the world, and it aims to provide a memorable experience for all travelers who come to Ghana to discover the beauty of its nature, culture, and people. It focuses most of all on demonstrating the true beauty of Ghana’s many and different cultures and attractions. Culture, nature, adventure, and wildlife in Ghana are what is worth discovering most of all as it is demonstrated on the agency’s website. It also offers volunteering internships for travelers who want to volunteer in schools, orphanages, or clinics.

De-Genesis Travel & Tours

A private company that specializes in assisting people to get visas to countries in Europe, North America, Oceania, and to many countries around the globe. Its aim is to make traveling more efficient, accommodating, and effective through its services. They also assist pregnant women who want to give birth in other countries. In addition, the agency offers airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rental services, and passport assistance services.

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