How to make beads in Ghana - beads making tutorial for beginners

How to make beads in Ghana - beads making tutorial for beginners

Want to learn more about beads and the art behind beads making and beads designs? We have you covered. Stringing beads is a skill many people possess unknowingly that demands patience and creativity. It is like any other art that does not have restrictions on what you should and how you should do it.

How to make beads in Ghana - beads making tutorial for beginners

Beads making for beginners

You have the power in your hands to come up with anything that comes to your mind. The best part about bead making is that the materials are inexpensive. There are many available beads in Ghana. The criteria for beads designs are simple, straightforward and expandable to the imagination of the holder. First, you need to string the beads and then later after mastering this skill you can finish off the piece.

How to make beads in Ghana - beads making tutorial for beginners

The last stage of beading is holding the end of either the bracelets or necklace so that it can be worn. You can acquire a beading board to help you in measuring and planning of your beaded necklace design. There are different beads types that can be used to make different beads for jewelry. They also vary in terms of size, shape and color. Bead making in Ghana has not been fully utilized in solving unemployment.

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Below is a bead making tutorial to help you in mastering the skill.

  1. Cut a string using a pliers keeping in mind the length of it. Layout yours beads in the order in which you would like them to appear in the necklace. Arrange your design at the center of your beading board. You should pay attention to the numbers that appear on the beading board as they are guides for the length and the placement of the beads. You should try a few different arrangement designs of the beads before choosing one.
  2. Once you have decided on the length of the string, cut the wire with the pliers. You should tie a loose knot at both ends of the string to prevent the beads from falling. The spacing between each bead should be consistent all through the wire. If you decide to start with small-sized beads, string them one by one on both sides of the string. They are strung at the beginning and end of the string in order to form a slight level of graduation to give you space for your fingers to move around when wearing the necklace.
  3. Check through the layout of the necklace in order to notice some inconsistencies that may arise. In case you find them, make the necessary adjustments.
  4. Make a split ring at one end of the wire and at the other end of the make a claw that fits the ring. Slide through the split ring into the claw in order to finish the circuit.
How to make beads in Ghana - beads making tutorial for beginners

Beads making designs

Once you have learnt from the beads tutorial above, you are better placed to come up with different beads designs. There is a lot of room for imagination when it comes for beads for jewelry. You can spice up your bead design by adding accessories such as flowers to change the outlook of the necklace.

The design can also be in a wide variety of colors that are attractive. You can change the design by also creating a spiral shaped bead necklace or one that resembles a tied knot. You can also invest in seed beads where you stitch them to form colorful necklace. A single flower stitched to the side can do magic.

How to make beads in Ghana - beads making tutorial for beginners

A common concept of bead making that has been used for centuries is the one that involves several strands of beads forming a single necklace. You can spice up the necklace by going for coral reefs instead of the regular seed beads. Another design is using small beads to form one large bead. So at the end, you have several large beads that were made out of smaller beads. For a client attending a formal occasion, a pearl necklace does magic since it speaks of class. It has been there for many years and you can never go wrong with them.

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