Best way to send money to Ghana

Best way to send money to Ghana

Sending money to Ghana to either friends and family can be hectic. Especially with the numerous options that exist. You are probably asking yourself "how can I send money to Ghana?". You probably searching for a convenient, reliable and affordable means to send money to Ghana online. Here are the methods you should use

Best way to send money to Ghana

Send mobile money to Ghana online

Money transfers through the mobile is the most used means of sending money around the world. It is also the most trusted since all you need is your phone and your beneficiary details. It is fast and saves you the strain of going to a bank. Your beneficiary on the other hand does not need to be accredited to a bank in Ghana in order to receive the money.

Best way to send money to Ghana

All the beneficiary has to do is register to a mobile money account. In Ghana, this services are offered by MTN Mobile Money, Airtel Money, Tigo Cash and Vodafone Cash. These mobile operators have spread their agents throughout the country hence making them accessible to all Ghanaians. The registration process for new customers are simple in order to make it easy for you to access your money.

There are several ways to send money to Ghana online from abroad. The safety of your money is guaranteed, your beneficiary does not need to wait for their checks to move through the mail. They offer guaranteed exchange rates between the country the money is being sent and Ghana.

Best way to send money to Ghana

All you have to do is to open an account with an internationally recognized service providers like Western Union, PayPal, Azimo, MoneyGram, World Remit or Ria Money transfer. You have to decide on the means of which your beneficiary will receive the money; either through their bank account, money wallet or a convenient pick-up location. With Google Wallet, you can send money to Ghana through the recipient’s email address.

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Your beneficiary does not necessarily be a Google Wallet user. All they need to do is to fill their bank account information or their debit card number in order to receive the money. They normally charge affordable fees especially if you send the money from your bank account or use a debit card.

Cheapest way to send money to Ghana

We have used a money transfer comparison tool in order to save you time and money before sending money to Ghana. I mainly focused on the exchange rates and the fees charged for a transaction.

Most of the online money transfer service providers do not charge transfer fees but their exchange rates tend to be high in order to increase their profit margin. Also the cost depends on the amount of the money you are sending. The higher the amount, the higher the fees are levied. You need to be up-to-date with the current exchange rates.

Best way to send money to Ghana

Azimo is the cheapest means to send money to Ghana since thy offer the best exchange rates. You are assured of instant money on your mobile alert and the steps for withdrawal are easy. If you choose to receive the money through bank transfer, the costs tend to be a bit expensive.

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